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Welcome to the Fairfield Glade Tennessee hiking web site. 

This site contains information on how to join us for some great spring and fall hikes in Tennessee and even some surrounding states.  We hike every Friday, spring and fall.

Navigate to "Next hike"  to see where we are hiking next and when and where to meet.

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See you on the trails.

                      Fairfield Glade Hikers
We are into the Cumberland County Marathon. The Friday hikes will complete all of the hikes in Cumberland County so if you join us on Friday in September the only hikes you need to do on your own would be the ones in Fairfield glade.    

Please contact Linda Barclay at 931- 456-2857 or Bob Obohoski at 931-456-4282 for more information. 

Hiking has risks and safety is a high priority on every outing. The hiking group assumes no collective or individual liability for any mishaps. Hiking is at your own risk. Participants should be in good physical condition. Walking on paved and level surfaces does not compare with hiking on uneven trails with elevation changes. Please assess your level of fitness to the difficulty of the hike so that you can keep up with the group. A signup sheet for the hike will be posted in the Village Mall on the bulletin board across from the post office the week of the hike. This information is used to contact you if there is a cancellation and so enough copies of directions can be made for the group.

General guidelines for rating hikes are up to 5 miles in length and elevation gains less than 1000 feet are rated easy. Hikes of 5 to 8 miles with elevation gains less than 1500 feet are rated moderate. Hikes over 8 miles with substantial elevation gains or rough terrain are rated strenuous. All of these ratings are subjective and hikes are subject to change. Anyone interested in hiking is welcome.

completing the Fall hiking season so we are having our end of season party after a short hike on Black Mountain on the morning of Friday, November 17th.  We will celebrate the end of the fall hiking season with a potluck chili and soup luncheon rain or shine at the Fairfield Glade Multipurpose/Library Building on Lakeview Drive from noon until 2:00 p.m. after the morning hike. All past and present Tuesday and Friday morning hikers, spouses, trail builders, and anyone interested in learning about hiking groups are invited to this annual event. Bring a dish to share like chili, soup, dessert, or some other item. Bring your own drink and/or BYOB. Paper products will be provided. Back by popular demand will be a 50/50 raffle to help defray costs as well as a sneak peak at the fall hikes and an opportunity to sign up to lead one or more of them. Please contact Linda Barclay at 931- 456-2857 or Bob Obohoski at 931-456-4282 for more information.

Don't forget every Tuesday we have a local hike here in the glade. We meet at the 4 way stop across Stonehenge Dr from the Wyndham Offices. The trails here in the Glade would be a good warm up for the approaching hiking season. Remember to always be safe and bring a whistle.

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