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Welcome to the Fairfield Glade Tennessee hiking web site. 

This site contains information on how to join us for some great spring and fall hikes in Tennessee and even some surrounding states.  We hike every Friday, spring and fall.

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See you on the trails.

                      Fairfield Glade Hikers
Welcome Fellow hikers to our Spring 2017 season. We have some interesting hikes coming up so keep checking this website for updates. As you hiking veterans know the weather can play havoc on the best of plans, so bey checking here you will see what the changes are.
Already we have changed the hike scheduled for the 31st from the Stone Door in Savage Gulf to the Hidden Passage in Pickett State Park.

Don't forget every Tuesday we have a local hike here in the glade. We meet at the 4 way stop across Stonehenge Dr from the Wyndham Offices. The trails here in the Glade would be a good warm up for the approaching hiking season. Remember to always be safe and bring a whistle.