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2017-2018 and 2019-2021 Events & Information

2020 Deep South and FFGC Convention, and NGC and FFGC Biennial Flower Show CANCELLED  All events and meetings for District IV and its clubs are cancelled through June 2020.
  • NOTE:  The latest versions of FFGC forms, documents, and information are posted on the following pages:  FormsAbout FFGC, and sections of the Members Area.  The FFGC home page also has announcements and timely updates.
2019-2021 Yearbook Information (updated 2020)

2019 FFGC Awards Information

District IV Spring Meeting 2018

GardenFest 2017

District IV Fall Meeting 2017

2017 New Officers/Leadership Orientation Resources  7/12/17

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Information for 2017 Yearbook (updated June  2017)

District IV Organizational Chart from the FFGC Book of Information:

List of Award/Grant Winners in District IV:

The Florida Gardener Magazine Archive:

Non-garden club members can subscribe to The Florida Gardener.  Use these instructions.  Advertising rates are also published here.

  • Summer 2020 - PDF   Yearbook corrections are noted here, so please make your changes accordingly.

    .Spring 2020 - PDF - The Florida Gardener for this quarter was published before precautions were implemented to contain the spread of the corona virus.  For updated event and class schedules, see the FFGC website.
  • Fall 2019 - PDF  -  The published version of The Florida Gardener contains errors in the "Continuing Education" section.  Please use this Continuing Education document in lieu of the section in the published version.

The National Garden Clubs Newsletter Archive:

National Garden Club publications are no longer being mailed. Garden club members Login to the National Garden Club website to read the quarterly National Gardener Magazine and other publications.  To get your member login information, use the Contact page.  

Environmental Studies School Materials:

Environmental Studies Schools Course Resources:

  • ESS Course I - The Living Earth (selected topics)

Gardening Organizations & Information:

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