FFGC Convention: FFSJ Tri-Council Luncheon & Meetings (Amended 3/9)

posted Mar 9, 2019, 10:14 AM by Dianne Battle   [ updated Mar 10, 2019, 9:15 AM ]
FFSJ and Tri-Council Members
Revised Florida Flower Show Judges and Tri-Council Annual Luncheon information.  Members of these organizations are encouraged to register for the annual luncheon on Sunday, April 7, 11:30-12:45 as part of the 93rd FFGC Convention.   The meeting and program is still scheduled for April 7, 1PM to 3:15.

Luncheon Registration Fee:  $40
Registration Deadline:  3/30 sent to Carolyn Schaag

The FFSJ Tri-Council Annual Registration form also has the schedule of relevant presentations and meetings within the Conference Schedule: April 7, as noted above, and April 9 1:30-4:30.  (Attendance for the April 9 presentation/meeting is contingent upon registering for that day in the Conference.)