Keeping in Touch from the National Garden Club

posted Jan 9, 2020, 4:20 PM by Info district4ffgc
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The Jan-Feb Keeping in Touch (KIT) newsletter from the National Garden Club contains some very interesting information including:

A spotlight on the FFGC effort to encourage garden club members to plant trees, "Each One, Plant One," as part of Plant America.  This year Florida Arbor Day is celebrated on January 17, so contact your University of Florida Extension Office to find out where the free tree seedlings are being given away.  Local garden clubs are also having tree sales and giveaways. If your garden club isn't offering trees (for free or for sale), see if a club close by has some. See our Member Clubs page. Then let's get planting, folks!

KIT also has some useful information on making your Facebook pages and other social media more engaging.  Getting "likes" and "follows" is where it's at.  BTW, do YOU follow the District IV Facebook page?  If not, why not?  Get your "Face" on and Follow!  :)

And upcoming National Garden Club Study School courses are listed in the newsletter.

If you didn't get a copy of it from your garden club president, click the Keeping in Touch link  and dive in!