February is for the Birds

posted Jan 25, 2020, 7:21 AM by Dianne Battle   [ updated Jan 25, 2020, 7:49 AM ]
carolina wren
February is National Bird Feeding Month.  .  During the month of February, keep your bird feeders filled and clean, and have your binoculars close by for viewing, and obtain a bird book to identify the species.  Backyard bird-feeding is an entertaining, educational, and inexpensive pastime enjoyed by children and adults.  Click here for information from Cornell University about feeding birds.  These feeding tips will help you attract various species of birds, but to provide a full habitat for your local birds, native plants can play an essential role.  Find out what wildflowers and native plants support birds near you and locate a local Florida Native Plant Society chapter.

Once you have birds visiting your feeding station, you might want to participate in a fun citizen-science project, FeederWatch.  Bird watching can also be a great activity to enjoy with other watchers.  Hook up with your local Audubon society to learn about birds and to see them in the wild; when you travel you can also participate in other chapters' bird watching events.