2019 District IV Fall Meeting - Recap

posted Oct 19, 2019, 11:12 AM by Dianne Battle   [ updated Oct 26, 2019, 10:21 AM ]
FFGC and District IV Officers
Many thanks to our FFGC Officers (seated), President Al Latina, First VP, Marjorie H Hendon, Second VP, Tina Tuttle, and Third VP, Christy Linke, for visiting our District on October 11.  We learned a lot about FFGC's programs and objectives.  The PDF presentation will be available on the FFGC website in November.

Our host club, Ribault, did a spectacular job of making us feel welcome, including serving up generous portions of their famous Ribault Chicken Salad (pictured).  Our District Officers and Chairmen Leadership Directory (second row) had much to tell us too, including a presentation on water quality by Jackie Host, Chairman of Environment and Aquatic Ecosystems!   

Jackie also told us about a useful packet developed by the FFGC Tri-Council:  The Art of Advocacy.  It is is posted on the FFGC website.  Click on the menu item labeled Members and select Tri-Council of FFGC to locate the document.  

And were honored to receive 5 NGC awards, (2 in the adult category - Garden Club of St. Augustine - and 3 Youth Awards - Ribault Garden Club).  See the About Us/Awards Page for the complete list of awards won this year.  And enjoy our photos (also listed on the Photo Gallery page)!