Felipe F. Dizon

I am an Economist in the Agriculture Practice of the World Bank, South Asia region. My current research focuses on two areas— one on food security and nutrition issues and their links to agriculture, and the other on financial inclusion through the design, delivery, and evaluation of novel financial products for the poor.


The Effect of Promoting Savings on Informal Risk-Sharing: Experimental Evidence from Vulnerable Women in Kenyawith Erick Gong and Kelly Jones [Forthcoming, Journal of Human Resources]Web AppendixThis paper is a combination of two previous working papers: "Does Financial Inclusion Exclude? The Effect of Access to Savings on Informal Risk-Sharing in Kenya" and "Mental Accounting and Mobile Banking: Can labeling an M-PESA account increase savings?"Coverage: Development Impact blog at the World Bank, Econ That Matters blog at Cornell, Research blog at IFPRI, Weekly faiV at Financial Access Initiative.
Leveraging the Lottery for Financial Inclusion: Lotto-Linked Savings Accounts in Haitiwith Travis Lybbert [Forthcoming, Economic Development & Cultural Change]
The Cost of a Nutritious Diet in Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Pakistan, and Sri Lankawith Anna Herforth and Zetianyu Wang [Forthcoming, Global Food Security]Earlier version circulated as World Bank Policy Research WP 8557. Coverage: Live Mint.

Published Reports

Bhutan Policy Note: Harnessing Spatial Opportunities in Agriculture for Economic Transformationwith Chris Jackson, Abimbola Adubi, and Samuel TaffesseMarch 2019, World Bank Report no. 135657
The Geography of Welfare in Benin, Burkina Faso, Cote d'Ivoire, and Togowith Nga Thi Viet NguyenAugust 2017, World Bank Report no. 118151

Working Papers

The Nutrition Sensitivity of Food and Agriculture in South Asiawith Anna Josephson and Dhushyanth Raju [submitted]World Bank Policy Research WP 8766.
Managing Risk with Insurance and Savings: Experimental Evidence for Male and Female Managers in the Sahelwith Clara Delavallade, Ruth Hill, and Jean Paul Petraud [submitted]Earlier versions circulated as World Bank Policy Research WP 7176 and IFPRI DP 01426.​Coverage: IFPRI blog
Information Constraints, Peer Effects, and the Adoption a Savings Account in Kenya[submitted]This paper was previously titled: "Independent vs Social Learning towards the Usage of a Savings Account in Kenya"

Work in Progress

Prices vs Preferences in the Demand for Fortified Food: Evidence from India
Agricultural Productivity and Poverty Reduction in Sub-Saharan Africawith Aparajita Goyal and Keith Fuglie
Food Prices, Diet Quality, and Nutrition in Bangladeshwith Zetianyu Wang