About the Project

The Final Fantasy VI Relocalization Project is an attempt to "relocalize" the Super Nintendo game Final Fantasy VI in a way that the original localization team might have done, if they had more time, ROM space, and freedom from censorship to do better. In its original English release, it is unfortunately a very hastily translated game, with a very restrictive amount of space for text of all kinds.

The project's main feature is a rewritten and expanded script based on Final Fantasy VI Advance's script, which was translated by Tom Slattery. Therefore, it is not technically a translation in the way that many other ROM hack projects are - I do not know Japanese and thus did no translation myself. I used Slattery's GBA script as a base to work with and took additional information and inspiration from fan-translated scripts. I went through all of these in multiple passes and rewrote much of the game's script, while both trying to preserve any meaning that may have previously been lost while also preserving the voice of characters. Thus, rather than "retranslation", I've used the term "relocalization" to describe this.

By the way, inspiration was also taken from the original Ted Woolsey translation, where it felt appropriate. To clarify this, though - some iconic lines may have been replaced with more accurate ones, but the spirit should remain intact!

Another big feature is the hacking work that was done in order to expand the space allowed for many of the game's text fields. This includes, but is not limited to, expansion of ALL description fields in the game's menus - now all items, equipment, spells, espers, and abilities have full-length text descriptions more in-line with the Japanese version of the game. Many other text fields have been expanded as well.

All monster, item, spells, and skills have been renamed to line up much more closely to Final Fantasy VI Advance's more complete translation. With some exceptions here and there - physical screen space is still the limiting factor in some cases. Spell and ability names are also expanded thanks to an amazing hack by Angelo.

There are many other changes here and there, including uncensored graphics (pub signs! esper butts!) and nearly 90 bugs fixed. However, this project's goal is not to change game balance in an appreciable way. It should be the same level of difficulty as it has always been (well, maybe a tiny bit harder since some exploitable bugs were fixed).

Links to both a thorough list of features and a comprehensive list of credits can be found at the top of this page.