Art Furniture


Mixed Media 

The beings that inhabit  my mixed media work are magical, mythic,archetypal
Gods and Goddesses are metaphors for universal truths, the unknowable forces of nature and mystery personified in human form. Some of the  manifestations our work has included are Pan, Gaea, Grandmother Turtle, Ishtar/Ereshkegal, Hecate, Nuit/Nox, Aphrodite/Yamaya.  On a more universal (less specific) level, the forces of nature cross many cultural boundaries as they become focuses of reverence and spirituality: Sun, Moon, Star, Night, Earth, Greening,Fullness Abundance, Harvest Death, Rebirth, the intangibles of emotion and psyche: Love, Power, Sorrow, Illumination....
The archetypal male and female pieces,witch, shaman, wise wo/man priest/ess, mystic; these pieces tend to focalize a particular strength, power, energy, emotion, psychological state. Those with more sexual overtones tend to work within the realms of  female and male mysteries, and sacred sexuality,often inspired by the suggestion of yoni and phallus, intertwining limbs within the wood,  polarities,and balances within the piece. Yoni the female organ of birth and sensuality, sacred and life-giving is suggested in many of the sensuous natural openings and portals within the wood, 

Elemental Fey pieces emphasize the sacredness of nature on a more elemental level. Aspects of nature, a select force, season or quality takes on human characteristics while retaining the wildness, autonomy, detachment from human concerns that seem characteristic of nature as seen thru the eyes of faerie and faerie seen thru the lens of nature. Here are the anthropomorphic blending, the beings of magic,  metaphysical,  mythological overtones.  So comes the realms of beings, glimpsed from the corner of the eye, or in the mind's eye. The merfolk, the shape-shifter, the dryad, the fairy, the fey, elven realms, elemental beings of earth, air , fire water, wood, stone, beings transforming, growing wings, tails, shells, beings emerging from the wood, abstracted and suggested.

Clay Sculpture

Clay Work

Beth and Zeeb have been creating small clay beings for over 20 years. Each piece is an individually formed sculpture. Beth's forte is handbuilding, forming each little person, while Zeeb works with potters wheel kilns and glazes. 

The fey are nature's gift, falling from Beth's fingers; magical beings taking shape from formless lumps  of clay.  She is still delighted, even after 20 years, when a cluster of them sit gazing up at her from her worktable, newly born. Their magic lies in personifying the fey quality of the spirit of nature.
Their wings take form from the pressings of real leaves, the merfolk's tails with shell pressings. Fine strands of clay hair adorn their heads.

Here Zeeb's work as Wizard of earth and fire begins.  He takes these fragile bits of clay, and, with kiln of slowly building fire, turns them hard as stone,  . ....... Cooling, then applying glazes, stains  and colored oxides, he brings a gentle luster and color to the finished pieces in the next firing.

Archetypal images:the gods and goddesses of nature.  These beings arise from the metaphors inherent in contemplation of the mysteries of being: the elements, nature, the cosmos.  They personify universal concepts and their associated human experiences.  (note; se intros to goddess pots, pan  and may queen, individual goddesses, moon and sun, etc)