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Spring 2015, I  started new YouTube channels:

New balloon animals video instructions at:

New videos of Russian classic poetry at:

 New videos of random stuff at:

December 2014, I started a new blog:

July 2014, I put together a web site dedicated to Russian classic poetry:

March 2014, I started a new blog:

May 2013, I put online our sister site in Russian:

February 2013, I am moving to a new blog:

June 2012 Many thanks to Daniel Langerman
for helping me with re-designing our website.
Hope you like it too.

Make dreams come true, today:

I uploaded all
previously published video instructions
to Internet Archive.
All my works available for free to all. 
I really appreciate your feed backs.

I have removed all commercial adds
 from this website and from my blog. 
Just for kids safe web browsing :)

Happy New Year! Copyright update:
 As of December 30 2011, All FewDoIt works 
(including all works previously published 
under different licences) 
are now released under:

I posted all instructions on my blog: