Spring 2015, I started new YouTube channels:

New balloon animals video instructions at:


New videos of Russian classic poetry at:


New videos of random stuff at:


December 2014, I started a new blog:


October 2014, I finished remixing previously published video instructions.

July 2014, I put together a web site dedicated to Russian classic poetry:


March 2014, My New YouTube Channel


March 2014, I started a new blog: http://echo-oo.blogspot.com/

March 2014, Larger size images and captions in Russian. animales del globo.

November 2013, Defining Views as Money.

October 2013, English captions for all videos.

July 2013, Russian translation.

May 2013, I placed ads instead of donation button.

May 2013, I put online our sister site in Russian:


February 2013, I am moving to a new blog:


February 2013, captions for videos in all languages.

December 2012, added timer and changed design of all blog posts.

September 2012, Voice Yahoo video uploads.

August 2012, One Dream Coin-development of new project.

August 2012, embedded videos, Voice Yahoo and Facebook videos.

July 2012, I increased size of pictures in all future blog posts.

June 2012 Many thanks to Daniel Langerman for helping me with re-designing our website.

Hope you like it too.

My Choice.

About Donations.

Make dreams come true, today:

The Perfect Time

I uploaded all previously published video instructions to Internet Archive.

All my works available for free to all.

I really appreciate your feed backs.

I have removed all commercial adds from this website and from my blog.

Just for kids safe web browsing :)

Happy New Year! Copyright update:

As of December 30 2011, All FewDoIt works (including all works previously published under different licences) are now released under:


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I posted all instructions on my blog: