The FewDoIt project is courtesy of the Langerman family. Our goal is to help people to learn the balloon twisting art and to share knowledge, skills and kindnesses with others.

An individual or business may join and participate in the FewDoIt project on a volunteering basis only. The FewDoIt project provides people with free access to instructions (in different formats) through the internet and locally through free balloon twisting workshops. We expect those whom the idea of the FewDoIt project appeals to, as worthy and useful, to participate in our project in the same or similar ways.

    1. To the extent possible under law, Langerman has waived all copyright and related or neighboring rights to "Balloon-O-Therapy and Easy Magic Tricks", or Twisting Balloons with FewDoIt. This work is published from: United States.
    2. A business that runs free balloon twisting workshops should provide people without any discrimination with free access to the workshop. We recommend at least 90 minutes per session once a month. Running the free workshop more frequently or for longer hours should be at your and your business management discretion. You or your business may have restrictions regarding to the number of people allowed to attend your location (any room has its limit of compatibility) or certain rules regarding to the access to the facility (security and safety should never be neglected).
    3. It should be at your or your business management discretion whether to provide people attending the free workshop with free supplies. We recommend all attendants of the free workshop to buy the supplies (balloons, air pumps and etc). There should be no restrictions to the matter where one may buy the supplies.
    4. We believe in fair business. We have zero tolerance to all kind of crooks, thieves and all other criminals and their activities. Everything that the FewDoIt project provides to people is free of any charges or fees. Therefore, we (and anyone who operates under the FewDoIt project or under the behavior of the project) may not ask you or your business questions regarding your financial information (credit card number, bank accounts and etc.).
    5. Parents or guardians must supervise children of any age at all times.
    6. The FewDoIt project is a courtesy. Therefore, the FewDoIt project and anyone who operates under the FewDoIt project or under the behavior of the project may not be responsible for any damage or any kind of injury that may happen. The person/volunteer who supervises the local workshop and all attendants should follow the safety rules and have to sign a waiver prior to attending the workshop. Sign this waiver before every workshop. Any business must have legal protection if any accident happens. We don’t wish harm to anyone and do everything to protect you, your customers and ourselves, so should everyone. Use common sense! Respect and follow all existing rules, regulations and laws. Be safe!
    7. We don’t collect personal information.
      1. The FewDoIt project reserves the right to change the policy at any time with or without notification.