We run free balloon twisting workshop in Manhattan

The policy of the free balloon twisting workshop



The FewDoIt project is a courtesy.

We strive to expose as many people to the balloon twisting art as we can.

We provide free workshops (including supplies) to everyone who is willing to participate.

We do expect your participation! We teach balloon twisting to make people happy.

Make yourself happy; it’s the least everyone can do to make the world happy.

Attendants should understand and follow this policy, common sense, all existent laws and regulations.

The rules, the time and the place of the workshop are determined by the providers.

The FewDoIt project provides some (up to five) modeling balloons per attendant free of any charge (at no cost).

Attendants may (and we encourage everyone) to bring more balloons to make more balloon sculptures.

Attendants should sign the safety rules form (see the "workshop sign in list" below) prior to admission.