There are some most common questions/ answers

Question: Can you make a sculpture/instruction for sculpture of ...thing...?

Answer: Yes. I can make it if you can describe it. I do my best to answer all your questions/requests as soon as possible. Normally, it takes me a week to prepare a blog post with pictures and a week to make a video instruction. Also, I work on a number of different instructions at the same time.

Question: My 6 (and up) years old/young kid wants to learn balloon twisting. Is it right/good/proper/best age to learn balloon twisting?

Answer: Yes, if your child already tie a shoelace. Just make sure to supervise your child.

Question: Do you think your balloon twisting instructions are easy enough for my child?

Answer: Yes. Though you are the one who can say it for sure ( we rally appreciate your feed backs).

Question: What is the best way to learn balloon twisting?

Answer: Practice.

Question: Why do you do it? (it's the most common question at free outdoor balloon twisting workshops)

Answer (the shortest): We do it for the same reason you would do it. (?) Please e-mail your answers to fewdoit@gmail.com

Question: What balloon sculptures are easier to begin with for a man with zero skills in twisting?

Answer: The one that you really want to make. Generally, we teach at free outdoor workshops to make balloon sculptures in this order: sword or three fold hat (learn to inflate balloon; tie a knot and to make the basic twist and lock twist); then three petals flower from the three fold hat. The next logical step is to attach the flower to a stem or to make two flowers on waved stem. Then twist five or six points star or any other sculpture made of a chain of small bubbles (learn to hold a chain of bubbles in one hand). And so on. Some people are very natural with balloons and get very creative. Some just like to play with balloons. Every one can twist balloons.

Question: How long are we going to do the free outdoor balloon twisting workshops?

Answer: We have intention to do it for ever. So far so good :)

Question: You did not ask, however you should know.

Answer: Your e-mail address is on our e-mail list once you have provided it. We do not send more than 2 e-mails annually (I rather cut it down to no e-mails) To unsubscribe you have to type the Subject: UNSUBSCRIBE and send the e-mail to fewdoit@gmail.com

Question: You did not ask, however you should know.

Answer: With regards to copyrights: We released our instructions for public domain dedications (no rights reserved).


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