We have accomplished and are proud of:

In the year 2017

The total number of balloon twisting instructions is 350.

The audio/video records of Russian poetry is 455.

The number of random works published on Random channel is 148.

Life gets more interesting ;)

In the year 2016

The total number of balloon twisting instructions is 332.

I added more audio/video records to my Russian classic poetry channel.

Total number of poems is 414.

The total number of works published on my Random channel is 74.

In the year 2015

The total number of balloon twisting instructions is 309.

All balloon instructions available in English on my balloon animals twisting instructions blog

or on YouTube channel, инструкции на русском опубликованы на моём блоге Поделки из шариков.

We did 2 balloon twisting workshops.

I added more audio/video records to Russian classic poetry blog.

The total number of poems is 354.

All audio/video available on YouTube channel.

I published more works on Random bits blog and YouTube channel.

The total number of published works in Random section is 23.

In the year 2014

I remixed all previously published video instructions and published them on my new YouTube channel.

All instructions available in English and Russian.

Total number of balloon twisting instructions is 265.

I made all new video instructions in HD. Also, all new instructions come with large size photos.

I started new blog dedicated to Russian Classic Poetry.

I started new blog dedicated to everything not related to balloons or Russian poetry.

In the year 2013

I have made new balloon twisting instructions and published them with old instructions on my new blog dedicated just for balloon twisting.

It comes with larger size pictures and a cleaner interface.

The total number of balloon twisting instructions is 262.

Victoria Langerman made Russian translations of all balloon twisting instructions.

I put together dedicated web pages with links in Russian and Spanish.

I made English captions to all video instructions.

Also, I already made Russian captions to about a third of all videos.

All captions are available on my YouTube videos and a third of them in English and Russian available on

Also I Defined Views as Money.

In the year 2012

In additional to publishing on,

all balloon twisting and magic tricks video instruction were published in DVD quality on

Added new instructions making total of 235 balloon instructions and 20 magic tricks instructions.

All instructions available under Public Domain Dedication Licence (author reserved no rights).

Started One Dream Project.

Started learning coding.

In the year 2011

We moved our website to a new place:

We published all instructions in form of a blog post (

Also we have published all video instructions in DVD quality on youTube.

We added new instructions.

Now we provide 201 balloon twisting instructions and 20 magic tricks instructions.

All our instructions licensed under Public Domain Dedication License (authors reserved no rights).

Thanks to all your help we did 8 outdoor balloons twisting workshops.

In the year 2010

The 4th edition of " Balloon-O-Therapy" is released.

Now we have 172 balloon twisting instructions described on total of 999 pages with well over 5000 pictures and over 15 hours of videos.

All instructions available online. We created a new website with links to all instructions and more details on what we are up to.

We share this website with the balloon twisting club at Eleanor Roosevelt High School of New York.

Thanks to all your help we did 18 outdoor balloon twisting workshops at different locations of NY.

About 400 people signed and help us to blow away about 3000 balloons.

We estimate the number of people who actually participated in our free outdoor balloon twisting workshops is about 2000.

79 balloon twisting video instructions presented now on major social networks.

In the year 2009

Eric Langerman was born in the beginning of this year.

This is the most significant event of the year for my family!

Regardless of all those endless playing-feeding-sleeping time loops we made the 3rd edition of the e-book "Balloon-O-Therapy".

Now we have 146 balloon twisting animals instructions available for everyone!

We volunteered at different locations through the year.

We started the free outdoor balloon twisting workshop "Make Free Balloon Animals for Someone" in May.

Then we run it once a week through the year of total 26 times.

We blew away some 4200 balloons during workshops with help of more than 500 people.

We estimated the number of people participated in this events is over 1000.

We have uploaded over 40 instructional videos from the e-book to major social networks.

In the year 2008

We established our online presence.

90 balloon animals instructions were included in the e-book "Balloon-O-Therapy 2008".

Our free instructions are now available for everyone.

We volunteered as balloon twisters 18 times through the year (mostly at St. Luke's Hospital in NY)

providing our free service and balloons for hundreds of people.

The second edition of the e-book was published at the beginning of the fall.

It included 112 balloon animals' instructions and all videos comes with sound.