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Passive Solar House Design

We all know that to keep a house warm in winter and cool in summer we need to use insulation, but there are several design features you can apply to make your house energy efficient just by choosing the correct location of rooms and windows.

Movement of the Sun


In the southern hemisphere, the Sun is high in the sky in summer and low in winter. If we can design a house which has eaves which block out the summer sun, but also has windows that let in the winter sun, this will allow our house to be warm in winter and cooler in summer.

Location of Rooms
Since the rooms we live in the most are the lounge or family room it also makes sense that these are the rooms which must face towards the sun to take the maximum benefit from the natural position of the sun. So these rooms should be placed on the northern side of the house and the less well used rooms such as the bathrooms and bedrooms can be located on the south side of the house.



Passive Solar Design