Here's some new runagate songs, since my briarmon smetrach googlepage ran out of space.


At some point our Fetchingly Bonkers songs will be hosted here.

News February 29th, 2008

Here's the mock-up of the Free VST Catalog Project developer survey:


Here's the notation for slippery3:


News February 20th, 2008

My netifriend Synthgeek called out for remixes of one of his songs:

synthgeeks' original post on KVR

I grabbed the mp3 construction kit, tried and failed to make something acceptible but returned to the project later with freash ears.  It is... extremely altered.

synthgeek + runagate - Clear (Clearance Sale Remix)

News February 14th, 2008

Here's a demo made using metamorph alpha version, unstable alpha version, milli vinyli. rednef twin, dirthead, deavl.triad, ferox, broxxen v1.1


News February 11th, 2008

I just remixed the Gigawatt (otherwise known as pattonfreak1) cover of Faith No More's "Everything's Ruined" that he made in celebration of Mr. Patton's recent big four-oh birthday.  I provided the vocals in a fit of hubris on the original, which can be found linked in my myspace blog, and here's the remix:

Gigagate - Everything's Ruined remix 256kbps

News February 6th, 2008

de la Mancha, in an evil alliance with yours truly, has helped me resize the GUI, add the default bank, and otherwise clean up this effect which I still don't understand, and provide as-is:

Anemic Naif v1_0_0001 dlM_minor_mods

Oh yeah, and I made this envelope-and-LFO-modulated filter VST:

Quack Smoke Filter VST v1

both include the default preset bank, the SynthEdit project which you may feel totally free to play with, alter, distribute, whatever.

Be forewarned that these are in no way professionally, nor even competantly, made plug-ins but the presets make nice sounds.

News February 5th, 2008

Made a broken vodocer for drums effect, with 15 presets:

Anemic Naif FSU VST

News February 3rd, 2008

New song made while experimenting with the as-yet-unreleased alpha versions of de la Mancha's jellyfish VSTi and machin VSTfx (made in cahoots with Sinkmusic)

Bittern, Relinquish Thine Ionic Halides

News February 2nd, 2008

Working on presets for a new VSTi by de la Mancha:

News January 26th, 2008

I remixed this song:

Garbled Adaptation Screening Remix

and here's a new ambientish one:


News January 20th, 2008

Here's a glitchy rhythmic electronica song:

Garbled Adaptation Screening

News January 16th, 2008

I've been reticent with my recent output.  Here's some sound-design experiment songs:

Fillip For Ghee

Lila Thunk hosted on

Firmamentize hosted on

News January 8th, 2008

A new mix of Shorn Kilter, with some added material, and a demo version of my KVR contest song for this month:

Shorn Kilter remixed

Kowtow Balaclava demo

News January 5th, 2008

First track of 2008


News December 23rd, 2007

Work in progress for tango song:

Castle Vainglorious

News December 22nd, 2007

Here's a tune a sculpted while trying out some sound design ideas:

runagate - Ferric Sauna

And here's mp3s of the tracks for others to use as samples or loops or whatever, and I'm pretty sure they stayed acidized.  Use however suits your whim:

Ferric Sauna drums'n'fauna mp3

Ferric Sauna FM Cosmos VSTi pads

Ferric Sauna marimka VSTi

Ferric Sauna transilient bassline

Ferric Sauna FSU bassline

News December 20th, 2007

Posting some demos of new band arrangements so I can ask online buddies for help



News December 11th, 2007

I am re-releasing "Peaking In Sponge" cuz, well, cuz I found the mp3 and wanted to test out an .ogg:


News November 29th, 2007

Here's a work in progress:


News November 27th, 2007

I'm re-releasing 2 old songs, re-made with my new PC

(which could actually run them when I hit play, so I got to finish all the sound design!)



News November 26th, 2007




Ironhead 1.5 presets batch 3