About this Tour 

This tour page was created to give those who have not yet registered a change to see what they are missing out on. It will also give you a basic tutorial on how to use Google Page Creator.

Page Manager 

The Page Manager allows the user to quickly browse through all their pages and files on the server. You can easily add new pages, delete current pages and edit existing pages.  

You can also upload your files, view existing files and edit or delete them with a click of a button.  Combine a visually pleasing, yet simple design with ease of use, and you have yourself a winner! 

Page Editor

The Page Editor is an easy to use WYSIWYG editor, probably the easiest page editor that I've ever used. It gives you basic controls, however you are still able to edit your document's HTML with a click of a button! (View HTML Editor)

Page Editor allows you to quickly upload images from your PC and place it on your page. You no longer have to know HTML. All is done with a simple WYSIWYG editor. 

Other Features 

Google Page Creator has many easy to use features that make managing, editing and publishing pages a joy. Not only does it look good, but it has the features to back it up. Here are some features that I think need some recognition:

Style Selector: Even though there is no CSS editor, Google made sure to include a wide variety of styles which you can choose from. However you're not limited, as you can easily switch between layouts (one, two or three column layouts) with a click of a button.

100mb Space!: There are a many free web hosting sites, but how many of those give you 100mb's of space to utilize? Roughly 5%. This is another feature of Google Pages that I love. 100mb gives you enough space to upload plenty HTML files, music or even movies!

Save your stuff: Browsers are never stable, and with random crashes and stalls, the fear of losing all the information you've entered onto your page is constantly with you. Well, fear not. Google has given Page Creator the added facility of saving your page, whilst you're editing it. Therefore making the dreaded feeling of losing all your information a thing of the past