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Welcome to Wanted Features 

Here I will post features that I would like to see in Google Page Creator. 

Wanted Features 

  • CSS Editor: Being able to edit/customize your CSS style sheet would add more personality to each Google Page. Although there is a huge number of styles currently available and most lilely more to come soon, it's still an option I want to see.
  • Full HTML Editor: Along with the CSS Editor, these two will appeal to the more advanced web designer/user. But having a full HTML editor will allow more customizability of user created pages. 
  • Site Stats: I'm sure everyone would want to know how many visits his page has gotten since it's been up, or how much bandwidth he's been using. A simple stats driven by AWStats could be easily integrated into Google Pages.
  • Share GMail Space: Google might want to preserve bandwidth, therefore only allowing 100mb webspace. But what about linking it to your GMail account? Having 2gb+ for your web would be great. I'm sure that no-one has 2gb worth of emails.
  • Google Intergration: (Before I start, I am pretty sure google will be including the following as time goes by.) Google has a lot of features, such as Google Reader, Google Maps and Google Groups to name a few. Wouldn't it be break if you could add an RSS reader powered by Google Reader onto your page? Or list the groups you have joined? I think so.