Accelerated Reader

Accelerated Reader  

The Intermediate School adopted a program called Accelerated Reader (AR).  Accelerated Reader is designed to significantly improve student reading achievement.  The following information will give you a better understanding about AR and why the Intermediate School is using the program.

What is AR?

¯  Accelerated Reader is an incentive reading program that combines books with online quizzes (at school only).

¯  Each Accelerated Reader book in the library is labeled with a colored star and a label that gives the book’s reading level and point value.  The reading level is based on the difficulty of the vocabulary in the book.  The point value is based on the number of words in the book.

Who participates in AR?

¯  All students in 4th through 6th grade participate in Accelerated Reader.

How does AR work?

¯  The student takes the test using the computer to answer specific questions about the book.

¯  Points are awarded to the student according to the number of questions answered correctly.  If the student does not pass the quiz, he/she is not awarded any points.  However, if the student receives a passing score, points are awarded based on how many questions he/she answered correctly.  Therefore, if a student does not receive a 100%, only some of the points will be awarded, granted he/she did not fail the test.  

* Students must have 80% or higher comprehension, achieve the point goal, and read books within their level to make the quarterly goal.  

When and where does AR take place?

¯  AR takes place in the classroom.  This happens through the use of teacher read aloud time and student reading time.  Students can take tests in the classroom.       

¯  AR takes place in the library.  After students find an Accelerated Reader book during their library time, they use the remaining time to read the book.  Students can also take tests in the library.

*  AR takes place in the home through family and individual reading.



NOTE: these dates are not set in stone but should be used as a pacing guide for parents, students, and teachers to help monitor AR quarterly progress. 

 09/08/17 - 25%            11/03/17 - 25%            01/19/18  - 25%            03/26/18 - 25%
09/22/17 - 50%             11/17/17 - 50%              02/05/18 - 50%            04/13/18 - 50%
10/05/17 - 75%            12/05/17 - 75%            02/22/18 - 75%                04/27/18 - 75%
10/18/17 - 100%        12/19/17 - 100%            03/09/18 - 100%            05/10/18 - 100%

         1st Quarter                2nd Quarter                        3rd Quarter                        4th Quarter     


Renaissance Home Connect

Renaissance Home Connect allows both students and parents to track the progress of the student's goals.  From here, login using the student's username and password.  You can see the last quiz the student took as well as his/her overall percentage of goal.  Very neat!  Note: students may not take quizzes from home.


Accelerated Reader Book Find

Accelerated Reader Book Find allows you to search for AR titles.  For example, if you have books at home or are at the public library and want to located an AR title, simply go to and type in the title to verify the book's reading range and points.  Be sure to double check the author and the publisher of each title to ensure the quiz is correct for the book you are seeking.