Festival Shakespeare 
20th edition 
Tournon sur Rhône – Tain l’Hermitage  and around (France)

International Youth Drama Gatherings

July 26 to August 3 - 2019

Call for proposals HERE

Program of 2018 edition  HERE 

The festival project, in a few words


Shakespeare Festival is a cultural project gathering young people from Théâtre du Sycomore and other young amateurs from different backgrounds around actions facilitating the meeting, sharing and cultural exchange.

It is born, on the one hand, from a wish to gather all the young people of Theatre du Sycomore - who work all year long within several groups on different artistic projects - around a friendly common event, and, on the other hand, from the will to share with other young people this passion for theatre, to confront and exchange about different practices and points of view concerning theatre.

The goals of this project, carried by the youth for the youth, are to experience cultural diversity through the discovery of different artistic practices, to create social link through the sharing of young people’s experiences while they come from different backgrounds, and to give birth to other projects and parnerships.


 To take part in Shakespeare Festival means:

 1. To meet around artistic projects:

 -   Programming of performances by young amateur companies. The festival is a space of diffusion for performances by young amateur groups, a space where your can show your work but also see the work of other groups, exchange about creations, confront different practices.

 -   Discussion times about the shows. After the performances (most of the time on the following day), we propose an exchange so that the different companies can discuss about the artistic choices, working methods of each team etc...

 -   A musical program on the performances’ evenings. We invite young music bands from the region to play before and after the show, which brings a further friendly dimension to the evenings.

 The participating companies

-   Théâtre du Sycomore (organizer of the festival)

-   Young French amateur companies (especially from the region)

-   Young Foreign amateur companies


The performances will be programmed in the evening and/or in the day time.

Venues for the shows: Chapel of the highschool of Tournon, “Espace Charles Trenet” in Tain l’Hermitage, and decentralization in partner towns – Lamastre, Mauves (Ardèche), other small towns in "Ardèche Verte"


2. Workshops and common projects in order to “create together”:

-   Artistic workshops for the participants: lasting a few hours or several days, those workshopss aim at enabling the meeting of young poeple from different groups through practicing: workshops around different themes (voice, body, shakespearian themes...) led by professionnal instructors.

- Theatre workshops open to all young people, from within or without the festival: everyday, a workshop session to discover or rediscover theatre as part of the festival, and maybe a short presentation at the end of the festival!

-  Upstream the festival, creation of artistic forms mixing young people from different groups  (parade, readings, scenes...): common project to be developped with the amateur companies that will take part in the festival.


3.      Meet within the festival life:

-   The companies are invited to stay several days (minimum 3 days) at the festival to take part in the festival life and have time to meet and exchange with the others companies. They can also take part in workshops and see the other‘s performances.

- « Non artistic » meetings, animation of the quiet moments of the festival in the day time and the eveninge: to propose dicovery excursions (local heritage, walks, museum...), evenings between participants (thematic meals, music...) for young people to get to know one another, create link, discover different cultures.