Eric Bogle

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Following on from the success of the festival folk sing Joni Mitchell project I decided to keep going and to gather people together to record one of Australia’s finest, most prolific and uncompromising songwriters, Eric Bogle. To maintain the festival folk sing... theme, artists who regularly perform at Australia's acoustic and folk music festivals were invited to record their favourite song of Eric’s.

                Track Listing
                1. Ted Egan ~ 'As If He Knows'
                2. The Lurkers ~ 'Hard Hard Times'
                3. Mary Black ~ 'All the Fine Young Men'
                4. Penny Larkins & Carl Pannuzzo ~ 'Ibrahim'
                5. Leah Cotterell & Steve Cook ~ 'When the Wind Blows'
                6. Martin Pearson ~ 'Now I'm Easy'
                7. Margaret Walters ~ 'The Song of the Whale'
                8. Mandy Connell ~ 'The Demon'
                9. Vin Garbutt ~ 'No Man's Land'
               10. Dave O'Neill and Bob Rodgers ~ 'The Golden City'
               11. Bill Jackson & the Acoustic Orchestra ~ 'The Last Rodeo'
               12. John Munro ~ 'And the Band Played Waltzing Matilda'
               13. Eric Bogle ~ 'The Promise'
               14. The Scarecrows ~ 'Singing the Spirit Home'
               15. Martyn Wyndham-Read ~ 'Shelter'
               16. James Keelaghan ~ 'Safe in the Harbour'

Eric Bogle is an amazing singer/songwriter. The breadth of subjects, emotions and issues that he covers in his songs is phenomenal. The CD is be available from