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I really like to lift weights, especially awkward & challenging ones. Mostly these are made of iron or stone , but sometimes I move wood also. As a teenager I enjoyed chopping and stacking wood, as well as generally working with my hands. Later I had the privilege of learning Olympic style weightlifting. Since we bought our block of land in 1993 I have enjoyed the many physical challenges of creating a garden environment from a bare paddock .  You could say I lift for both pleasure and profit , though the latter is more spiritual than monetary. In fact the former also enriches my spiritual side and constantly reminds me of the struggles of my ancient unknown forebears.

I have a significant interest in medieval and ancient history. Partly this is due to my English heritage . Therefore I am attracted to old and rusty , dusty but ultimately interesting things. I like to know what makes the natural world tick , in other words all aspects of natural history are on my learning agenda. Furthermore I have always been fascinated by worlds beyond. Thus my early career options of geologist or astronomer are now linked with ongoing interests in history and the living world. It is a healthy and invigorating mix .

I am fortunate to live on the beautiful island of Tasmania , towards the bottom of the globe but in my opinion on top of the world !
We enjoy 4 seasons , none too extreme , and enjoy the changing patterns of nature which these deliver. We are never far from the harsh beauty of nature , the island is equipped with ancient forests and numerous mountains , with thousands of lakes  - and surrounded by seas fed by Antarctic currents. Everything is readily accessible .

On this island I live near the top of a hill overlooking an iconic mountain , 4165 foot Mt Wellington ,

which guards the capital city of Hobart. The best webcam view of Hobart and Mt Wellington is here http://www.rosebay.tased.edu.au/camera.htm Though I am but 10 minutes drive from the town , my home is a million miles from care. As you can see,  the view from our home is rather special .

On this site I will share my passion for moving & lifting heavy objects, and explore my interests in stone , iron and few other things...Heavy metal , hard rock and other genres will be explored.

The site will continue to evolve over the years and I hope you return from time to time for news and new knowledge!


Paul Tucker