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Ferring Village signAbout us:
The group was founded in 1965 with about 65 members according to a now, fairly ancient, record book.
Ferring is a unique coastal village with a far-seeing outlook. Those who come to live here seem to share the love of the place and its surroundings and they also bring their interests and talents with them. An excellent start for any group.

In 1965 Mr Frank Merry, wrote “It could be that the title of the Society might be slightly off-putting, suggesting a number of solemn, rather earnest individuals who listen to classical music and then enter into a formal and dry discussion. Infact, the Society is run on relaxed and friendly lines.”  
Ferring beach hutsIn August 1999, the then Chairman wrote: “The popularity of our evenings owes a lot to our members being willing to share with us their favourite music, artists and performances. The pleasantly differing personalities of our presenters adds a special warmth to each evening.”

These qualities have carried through to the present day. People visit and then join who have widely differing backgrounds where music is concerned, and its this variety that truly makes it. Sometimes, with busy careers, music has been left somewhat in abeyance, only to be picked up again now. Although basically recreational, it can also be a most fascinating learning curve if that is desired.

Programmes are arranged in advance and usually presented by our members.
Recitals are held fortnightly on Tuesday at 7.40 pm in THE VILLAGE HALL, FERRING.
Recitals last approximately 2 hours inclusive of an interval for refreshments.
Affiliated to the Federation of Recorded Music Societies.