Current Members

Dr Tony J Pitcher
   Professor (Canada, UK)

Restoration ecology for the oceans; Historical and ecosystem-based analysis; Modelling and policy evaluation; Rapid appraisal

Dr Mimi E Lam        Research Associate
Human dimensions, articulating social-ecological and cultural values in science and policy; human cognition and behaviour

Rajeev Kumar     PhD Student  (India, 2006- )   
Lake ecosystem modelling in relation to ecosystem-based management

 Nicolas Talloni   PhD Student  (Chile, 2013- )  Human dimensions of fisheries using Rapfish 

Jamie Slogan  
PhD Student  (Canada, 2008- )
Restoration ecology of Canada Place in the Strait of Georgia. 

Szymon Surma Masters student (Canada, 2012 -) Spatial modelling of marine mammals in the Haida Gwaii marine ecosystem.


Nicole Mermoud   (Masters, Univ. Concepcion, Chile)
Fuzzy Logic model of Humboldt squid abundance in Chile