Former Members

Dr Divya Varkey
Dr. Eny Buchary
Dr Robyn Forrest
Dr William Cheung
Megan Moody MSc
Dr Telmo Morato
Dr Hector Lozano
Dr Melanie Power
Dr Sheila Heymans
Dr Nathaniel Newlands
Dr Silvia Salas
Dr Trevor Hutton
Dr Marcelo Vasconcellos
Dr Steve Mackinson
Dr Sylvie Guenette

Dr Morris Mtsambiwa (Zimbabwe) 1991-1996
Transferred to UBC from Imerial College, UK. Pre-recruit ecology and recruitment in Lake Kariba kapenta. Now Director General of Parks and Wildlfie Service, Zimbabawe.

Dr Ramon Bonfil Sanders (Mexico) 1992-1996
Transferred to UBC from Imerial College, UK.  The assessment and management of fisheries for elasmobranchs.

From Tony Pitcher's time in the UK
Dr Alida Bundy (UK) 1992.
Interactions of artisanal and industrial fisheries. Ph.D. student. (Transferred from Imperial College London to
Dr Pauly, UBC). Research Scientist with DFO, Nova Scotia.

Dr Lorenz Hauser (Austria) 1990-1995
(jointly with Prof G, Carvalho, Hull, UK). Status of exploited and introduced Kapenta stocks and biochemical genetics and introduced Nile Perch. Now tenured Faculty member at UW, Seattle.

Dr Simon Hemphill (Kenya). 1985-1995.
The use of sport  fishery data in the assessment of the Indian Ocean yellowfin tuna stock. External (part time) Ph.D. Student  Now Director of fishing company and consultant for Kenyan fisheries policy.

Dr Alejandro Gallego (Spain)
Shoaling in larval and juvenile herring and anchovy. (jointly with the Marine Laboratory, DAFS, Aberdeen). Ph.D. 1993. Currently research officer at same Institute.

Dr Kim E. Murphy (UK) 1987-1993
Information and inspection behaviour in shoaling fish. Now Faculty Member at Oceanography Institute, University of Ensenada, Mexico.

Dr Kerry-Anne Naish (Zimbabwe: Beit scholar) 1988-1993
Fish shoal and fish stock structure using molecular techniques. (jointly with Centre for Fish Genetics, Swansea).  Now tenured Faculty member at UW, Seattle.

Dr Francisco Arreguin Sanchez (Mexico) 1988-1992
Length-based assessment methods and the management of a grouper fishery in Yucatan. (Technical University of Mexico) Now Director of CICIMAR, La Paz, BC, Mexico.

Dr Theodore Djama (Cameroon) 1985-92
Interaction of artisanal and industrial rivermouth fisheries in Cameroon. Director of Fisheries Lab at Limbe, Cameroon [deceased 2007].

Dr Carlos Robinson Mendoza (Mexico) 1987-91
How Food/Predator trade-offs  affect decisions in fish shoals.  Now Faculty member at UNAM, Mexico.

Dr Ziyang Zhang (China) 1987-90
Jointly with Dr Norman Runham. Age and time indicators on on fish scales. Now staff member at PBS-DFO, Nanaimo, Canada.

Dr Qun Liu (China) 1987-90
Estimating natural mortality in VPA analysis. Now Lecturer at Qingdao University, China.

Dr John R. Allan (UK) 1983-88
Behavioural ecology of interspecifc fish schools. Now with UK Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries, UK.

Dr Mohsen Al Hosaini (Kuwait) 1986-89
Behavioural ecology of flatfish larvae. Currently Director of section at KISR, Kuwait.

Dr Christopher Wyche (UK) 1982-85
Individual decisions and shoal size. Joint with DAFS, Marine Laboratory, Aberdeen). Game park warden in Africa

Dr Anne Magurran (UK) 1978-1992
Postdoc. The Behavioural Ecology of Fish Schooling. Now Professor of Evolutionary Ecology at St Andrew's University, Scotland.

Dr John Wilson (Ireland) 1975-78
Ecology and fisheries of Lough Neagh pollan. Currently computer systems consultant, Antibes, France.

Dr Soetikno Wirjoatmodjo (Indonesia) 1975-78
Tracking estuarine movements and ecology of flounder Now retired, was Director of Ichthyology Section, LIPI, Bogor, Indonesia.

Dr Gershram Kennedy (UK) 1973-76
Factors driving individual movement patterns in fish schools. Now retired, was Deputy Director of Dept. Agriculture Northern Ireland.

Masters students 

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