Associate Members

Dr Daniela Kalikoski    (Brazil, 2003-date).

Daniela is a Professor in the Department of Geosciences at the Federal University of Rio Grande in Brazil.  She holds a PhD in resource management and environmental studies from the University of British Columbia, Canada.  Her research focus is on fisheries co-management, community-based management, and traditional ecological knowledge. She has worked for the FAO Global Partnerships for Responsible Fisheries Programme (FAO FISHCODE) in Rome. She is currently a FERR research partner on estimating illegal, unreported and unmandated fishing , and evaluating compliance with the FAO Code of Conduct for Responsible Fisheries (WWF).   E-mail:

Dr Eny A. Buchary (Indonesia, 2010 - date)

Eny has a PhD from the UBC Fisheries Centre on her research on the status of the sardine fishery of the Bali Strait. She has worked as Deputy Director for Marine Policy at the Nature Conservancy (TNC) in Indonesia and in 2012 began postdoc research in Sweden.

Dr David Agnew    (UK, 2007-date)

David is currently a researcher in the Marine Resources Assessment Group (MRAG), in London UK and a Senior Lecturer at Imperial College, London. He is currently working with FERR on the estimation and analysis of illegal, unreported and unregulated fishing (IUU).

Dr Cameron Ainsworth     (Canada, 2007 - date)

Cameron has a PhD from the UBC Fisheries Centre and postdoctoral experience in
ecosystem-based management and modelling  coral reefs in Papua, Indonesia. Currently he is a faculy member at the University of South Florida, modelling using the Atlantis and Ewe frameworks.

Dr Pramod Ganapathiraju (India, 2012-date)
Consultant in unreported fishing and MCS of fisheries