Ferrari 488 Performance Upgrades

The exhaust system under your car fulfills a number of important functions. The exhaust prevents noise pollution by dampening the noise of the engine, improves the performance of the engine by providing the right back-pressure and reduces the environmental impact by turning hazardous substances into harmless via a chemical reaction. In order to be able to fulfill these tasks correctly, it is important that the exhaust system is compiled according to factory specifications. Only if you have an original exhaust mounted, you are 100% sure that it meets all conditions to function optimally. Especially in the area of ​​ Ferrari 488 Exhaust System, cheap imitation products are often offered. In this article, we will explain what caution with these offers is applicable.

Ferrari 488 Performance Upgrades

·         The exhaust system consists of a number of important components:

The exhaust runs from the cylinders under the bottom of the car just below the rear bumper; the only place where it is visible. All in all, the exhaust system is about 3 meters long, attached flexibly to the underside of the car, without touching the body. It is a system that is subject to wear and tear; the various components can be replaced separately. The composition depends on the type of engine, the cylinder capacity and the model of the body.

·         Fitting of the exhaust system:

The dimensioning of an exhaust system is extremely important. It is rigidly connected to the moving motor suspended in rubber blocks. The flexible suspension system serves to absorb the vibrations that arise. For the lifetime of the exhaust, it is of great importance that this is done in the right way. Excessive pressure at one point lead to metal fatigue and therefore rupture or cracking. The distance between the bottom and the outlet is accurately determined. Mounting too close below the bottom gives damage and resonances while too large a fitting leads to damage at speed bumps and the like.

·         From which materials does an exhaust made:

The exhaust system always has a hard time. In addition to the previously mentioned engine vibrations, temperature differences, condensation, rain, snow and brine in the winter constantly work on the exhaust. Original outlets are made from a special metal alloy that provides optimum protection against these influences, ensuring the longest possible life. The connections between the various components - which are always extra vulnerable - have been made heavier...

The functions of Ferrari 488 Exhaust System:

Temperature reduction: The exhaust gases emanating from the engine at a temperature of ± 900 ºC. If these would come directly into the open air, there is a great fire risk. Due to the length of the exhaust and the passing traffic wind, the gases are cooled down to a harmless temperature. In addition, the long exhaust ensures that no gases can enter the interior.

Noise reduction: The combustion in the cylinders causes a noise that far exceeds all sound standards. By passing the exhaust gases through the chambers of the silencers via a sophisticated system of perforated pipes, partitions and absorption materials, the noise is drastically reduced to well below the internationally applicable standards for passenger cars.

Back pressure for the engine: The operation of your engine is determined by the control of the combustion process in the cylinders; the right fuel / air mixture and therefore the best possible fuel consumption is also determined by the speed at which the combustion gases are discharged. This requires a certain back pressure; an original exhaust gives exactly the back pressure that is ideal for the combustion process.

Exhaust and protection of the environment:

A part of the exhaust system is the catalyst. The catalytic converter converts dangerous gases into less hazardous by chemical means. In order to optimize this process, temperature and composition of the gases are of great importance. The high temperature is achieved by placing the catalyst close to the engine, where the exhaust gases are the hottest (so make sure you never park your car on a combustible surface, for example, dry grass!). The composition of the gases is controlled by a so-called Lambda sensor fitted in the exhaust just before the catalytic converter. Depending on the data that this probe transmits, the composition air/fuel for the engine is electronically adjusted. Partly due to the catalytic converter and the oxygen sensor, the exhaust has become one of the most important parts of your car. With the data measured there, a complete engine management system is controlled. Whether you climb or slow down whether it is hot or cold, dry or wet, the amount of fuel and air is constantly brought into the ideal composition. It will be clear that unclear information within this system leads directly to a poorly running engine and / or unnecessarily high fuel consumption. On the other hand, a well-composed system has a very high reliability.

The catalytic converter consists of a stainless steel housing containing a block of ceramic material in which thousands of small tubes are accommodated in the form of a honeycomb. The walls of these tubes are covered with precious metal such as platinum and rhodium. The hot exhaust gases are passed through these tubes. The precious metals cause a chemical reaction in the gases, thereby changing property. The toxic carbon monoxide is converted into coking dioxide, unburned hydrocarbons in water vapor and nitrogen oxide in nitrogen. Precious metal cannot withstand lead, therefore it is of the utmost importance that you only fill unleaded petrol.

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