We are a small club which works in partnership with the Ferny Districts Cricket Club and Brisbane City

Council, to enjoy the flying of model aircraft on these grounds. Please note that Brisbane City Council does

NOT normally permit the flying of model aircraft on Council property, under BCC Local Law 12 Part 2(10). The

penalty for such activity is in excess of $500. Brisbane City Council have stipulated that all persons flying

model aircraft at this field must be members of Ferny Grove Flyers, and operate under the following rules:-

1. ALL model aircraft must be operated in accordance with Civil Aviation Safety Regulation 101 G.

! Pertinent points of the Regulation dictate that model aircraft SHALL:-

- not be flown above 400ft (120m) above ground level.

- give way way to full-size aircraft (which may operate as low as 500ft (150m) in this area)

- be flown in a responsible manner which does not endanger persons, animals or property.

- remain at least 30m away from persons, animals or property, except where the persons are

themselves directly associated with the flying of model aircraft.

- remain within line of sight of the operator.

- be flown only in daylight hours, and clear of cloud.

2. Persons playing cricket as members or guests of Ferny Districts Cricket Club shall in all cases have

priority over persons flying model aircraft. Once cricket and associated activities have commenced, all

model aircraft activity shall cease.

3. Any person flying a model aircraft on these grounds shall be a paid Member of Ferny Grove Flyers. Such

persons shall also be covered by an appropriate policy of insurance, which shall be arranged upon joining

Ferny Grove Flyers.

4. A person may fly a model aircraft as a guest of a Member, provided that Member is present.

5. Vehicles are to be parked on the gravelled areas below and behind the shelter sheds in the northeastern

corner of the oval (nearest the Bowls Club). No other vehicle access is permitted.


1. Only electric-powered models under 2kg may be flown. Gliders, powered fixed-wing aeroplanes,

helicopters and multicopters are permitted. No internal combustion, turbine, or rocket-powered

aircraft are permitted under any circumstances.

2. Flying is permitted from first light to last light. Night flying is not permitted.

3. All flying is to be confined to the area within and above the cricket (lower) oval. Flying is not permitted over

the Clubhouse, Transfer Station, Bowls Club, carpark areas, or the Australian Rules (upper) oval.

4. Electric Ducted Fan (EDF) or other noisy aircraft are not permitted before 8am.

5. An aircraft which is taking off or landing shall have right-of-way over airborne aircraft.

6. All operators of model aircraft should conform to the same circuit pattern, according to wind conditions.

The "flight line" areas should be at one of the open shelter sheds on the oval, and no more than one flight

line area should operate at one time. Where convenient, pilots of helicopters/multirotors/3D aircraft may

operate at a distance from others flying the normal circuit, and shall give way to aircraft in the regular


For all information regarding Ferny Grove Flyers Model Aircraft Club Ltd, please email the Secretary at


What's the Best About Our Club?

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