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FERN is a global community of foresight students, alumni, faculty, employers, and advocates of graduate foresight education, research and careers. Working together we can build better foresight training, professionalism, and jobs around the world!

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  • FERN is accepting new staff for various projects and roles. We are a friendly and global volunteer group of professionals, graduate students and foresight advocates who enjoy networking and doing foresight development on on international scale. To learn more check out How You Can Help.

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FERN Mission
To network students, alumni, faculty, employers and advocates of global foresight graduate programs and certificate programs.
To improve the quality, visibility, and usefulness of foresight curricula and methods.
To help foresight graduates and professionals find great jobs and advance their careers.

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Editors Needed! 
If you would like editing privileges here, please email the site moderators, susanchesleyfant{at}gmail{dot}com or 
johnsmart{at}accelerating{dot}org, with a brief paragraph on your background and ask for privileges. We are always looking for more foresight students, faculty, researchers, alumni and advocates to post here, to work with and to help our community.
FERN is administered within ASF,a 501c3 foresight nonprofit. 

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