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Located outside Tauranga, in the Bay of Plenty on the Eastern coast of the North Island of New Zealand, we have established our bonsai collection and bonsai nursery in 2000. In this sub-tropical and moderate climate, sufficient rain, sunshine and fertile volcanic soils, the trees have flourished and we are pleased to present you with the possibility of acquiring a good thick tree trunk and basic branches for you to create your own master piece bonsai. 

We have been involved in bonsai since 1984. We started by joining the Pretoria Bonsai club in Pretoria and learned from some of the experienced South African Bonsai artists such as Theuns Roos (Ficus natalensis specialist), Charles Ceronio and Leon Claasen (Thorntree / Acacia specialists), Louis Nel (Budleja specialist) and Matie and Joey Scheepers (African Olives specialist) as well as Barry Fourie. We later relocated to Port Elizabeth and joined the Eastern Province Bonsai Society and learned from Clifton Marais. We have been attending and demonstrating at South African national Bonsai Conventions since 1997. During our time in South Africa we attended workshops with intenational masters such as John Naka, Ben Oki, Roy Nagatoshi, Vaughn Banting and Melba Tucker. In 2000 we imigrated to New Zealand and moved a big part of our collection through the lengthy and difficult quarantine process. Some trees remained in quarantine for six months, others for two years. Some trees unfortunately did not survive due to the harsh treatment of flying bare rooted trees halfway round the world.  

We joined the Bay of Plenty Bonsai club in Tauranga and has been involved in shows and national conventions in New Zealand since. The trees have adapted and we have started propagating from the South African trees as well as growing some New Zealand native species and American, European, Chinese and Japanese species.  A big number of trees were planted in the open ground and grown to develop field grown trunks to be used as bonsai. These are usually lifted during the dormant winter months and can be sent to growers in New Zealand by courier during July and August. Please have a look at our tree list as well as photos on these field grown bonsai trees.

If you are interested, please give us a ring or e-mail and come and visit us.

Adriaan and Poppie Engelbrecht