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 We would like to start off with three images of a Budleja saligna (White Olive), a South African tree collected in 1997. It's training started in 2003 after reestablishing it into health and vitality following the quarantine process (Photo on the left). This tree has very good movement and character on it's main trunk. The character was mainly created by termites and ants in nature, creating a hollow trunk and live veins supporting the tree. The next photo on the right was taken in 2005. The apex is starting to take shape and some secondary brances are developed by allowing the tree to grow long shoots, thicken and then to be cut back hard.  

The next photo was taken in 2007. The tree is still grown in a timber box and might hopefully be moved into a bonsai pot in the near future.  Budleja normally has a relatively small leaf, but following pruning, leaf reduction is impressive.

Swamp cypress (Taxoduim distichum)

 Field grown tree, started 2001

120 cm high.

Bonsai training                                           Small leaf privet

in 2004                                                          Collected 2000

                                                                             50 cm high

Californian redwood                                                       Budleja saligna

 (Seqoia sempervirens)                                                 (White olive)

Collected 2000                                                                Collected 1998

70 cm high                                                                         110 cm high




 Chinese hackberry (Celtis sinensis)

Started from nursery stock in 1986 

 Autumn colours                                                              Winter display





Box honeysuckle

(Lonicera)                         Budleja saligna

Started 2083.                      (White olive)Height  15 cm               Collected in 1989

                            60 cm high, 80 cm wide.

White stinkwood

(Celtis africana)

Collected 1990

Winter frame                                  Same tree in Summer

Note wiring, tree still in traiing and development.



 White olive                                 Chinese elm

(Budleja saligna)                          (Ulmus parvifolia)

Collected 1997                            Field grown stock

65 cm                                               2001

                                                             70 cm 

 Swamp cypress

(Taxodium distichum)

Started 2000 from

nursery stock

60 cm tall



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