Embracing the Inner Child
Items made in 2010 to Summer of 2011 
Fairy Collection Display
Hobbit Fairy House Front
Side of
Hobbit Fairy House Side
Hobbit Fairy House Back 
Hobbit Fairy House Side


Hatchlings: Dragons? Creatures? What could they be?!

Fairy House Front

Fairy House Back


Decorated Bear

Small Fairy House

Santa 2010

Fairy Tree Fort

Fairy Home tower 

Fairy House tower 

Fairy Set 1 

Fairy Set 2

Fairy Set 3 

Fairy set 4 

Craft Fair Display 1 

Craft Fair Display 2 

Sweet Pea's Display 1 

Bowl 1 

Bowl 2 

Vase 1 

Platter 1   

Pot 1 

 Leaf Bowl 1

Wall Art 1 

Wall pocket 1 

Wall Parket 2 

Wall Art 2 

Wall Art 3

Wall Art 4