About Ferndale Sims

Ferndale Sims is a site dedicated to the computer game The Sims 1.

In this site you will find some decorative gardening objects. Some can be placed on slopes, water, pools and may also intersect other objects. This is because they were cloned from a special rug base ( Sims can walk through them ) made by The Secret Society of Woobsha. With this base it is possible to place more than one object on a tile so that you can mix and match to help make your Sim's garden truly unique.

Some objects may have been cloned from other bases and as such may have other properties and expansion pack requirements. Please look in the object description or near the download link for more information.


Downloads from Ferndale Sims are free. 

To download an object click on the text near the pictures. After unzipping the files, place them in your Maxis/Sims/Downloads folder. To help keep your downloads organized you can make a new folder inside your Downloads folder and place these objects inside it.


I have made these objects with all expansion packs installed. Though most do not require expansions, some may. Please look at the object description or near the download link to see if it requires a specific expansion pack.


To make these objects I have used programs,bases, models or textures from these great sites :

The Sims Transmogrifier

The Sims Categorizer


The Secret Society of Woobsha

Simblesse Oblige

Around the Sims


The Fat Strawberry

One Odd Dude

 3D Millennium



Texture and Colour

Vintage Holiday Crafts



Artist 3D





If I have forgotten anyone, please contact me.

Please note I do not take requests.

Use of Ferndale Sims objects

You may include any of my Sims 1 objects in screen shots, etc. You may also include the zip files in houses that you have built and offer for download. Please note this does not include the 3D models.


If you want to clone these these objects you must ask permission from the people who made the object bases. Were possible I have left their original descriptions in the object descriptions so that you may contact them. Also look near the objects on these pages for additional credit.

Most of the graphics for the objects on this site were made by me ( some are from Maxis original objects ) and may be cloned and recolored, parts or all of the graphics used for collage work, etc. If you do decide to recolor or clone these objects you may include them in your free or pay section. If you would like to use any of my graphics for pay items, you are welcome to do that -  please note that this applies only to my graphics and bases that I have made. For any other bases you will have to contact their respective creators for permission.

You don't have to ask my permission to use any of my objects. A link to Ferndale Sims would be appreciated but it is not necessary. Have fun ;)

File Share Friendly 

All objects from Ferndale Sims are File Share Friendly unless stated differently. Please note this does not include the 3D models.