About the Mathematics Pentathlon Program: The Mathematics Pentathlon is a program of interactive problem-solving games.  This motivational program strengthens basic math concepts and skills, which align with the national and state mathematics standards, and stimulates creative thinking and problem solving skills. A critical feature of the program is the linkage of arithmetic reasoning with geometric/spatial and logical/scientific thinking.  These strategic games develop an essential futuristic ability: active problem solving. The pentathlon is a competition in which students compete in five math and problem-solving games.

How would you like to be a part of the Fern Bluff Elementary Math Pentathlon Team?

  • Named 2009 State and National Champions, 2010 State Champions, 2011 State Champions, 2016 Third Place Team and 2017 Honorable Mention,
    the Fern Bluff Elementary School Math Pentathlon Team has a winning tradition!
  • This is your opportunity to carry on the tradition - join the Fern Bluff Math Pentathlon Team now! 
  • This highly motivational program aligns with National and State Standards, strengthens basic concepts and skills, and develops higher-level problem-solving abilities. 
How it works: We meet weekly from 2:50-4:00pm, to learn 5 games (Division I is K-1st grade, Division II is 2nd-3rd grade and Division III is 4th-5th grade). We compete in one-day Division level tournaments in the spring, to finish out the season, where each student plays all 5 games against competitors from other schools.

Who can participate: This program serves as an enrichment opportunity available to all students for $75.

How to sign up: Look for the program to start each fall (we'll send out several reminders) and sign up by visiting the Registration page of this site. 

How to learn about the program and games: Some information is available at the Math Pentathlon Institute website at http://www.mathpentath.org/. You may also register for other workshops in the Austin Metro area at http://www.mathpentath.org/learning-the-math-pentathlon-program/

How to help: In order to run the FBE Math Pentathlon Team, we need your help!
This is a cooperative team, run solely by volunteers. We have the following types of volunteers opportunities available: 

Weekly volunteer: We need about 4 volunteers in each section to serve as coaches (1 adult per 4 students). We must have these positions filled per classroom (section) of students. We offer Game Workshop Training, so no experience required. As recognition of the commitment and scope of the role of our MP weekly volunteers, children of these parents will have automatic placement on the team and fees waived for one student as well as a free t-shirt for themselves!  We also need one adult weekly volunteer per Division will serve as a Division Coordinator (3 total). Division Coordinators will  to plan/prepare coach’s materials for Math Pentathlon practice among other duties. Weekly volunteers will be at school every week from 2:30 PM – 4:10 PM.
Tournament volunteer: Parents who do not serve as a weekly volunteer must volunteer at the tournament day in the spring, for each child on the team. Many game monitors are needed to run the tournament since a game monitor is needed for each pair of children playing a game at tournament. 

To see full descriptions of each type of volunteer position, see the Volunteers page of this site.