Fernando Parro 

Professor of Economics 

Department of Economics, Penn State University                               

Research Associate, NBER

Associate Editor,  The Economic Journal

Associate Editor,  Economics Letters


Email: fxp5102@psu.edu

Phone: (202) 812 5314

Working Papers

Learning and Expectations in Dynamic Spatial Economies  (Supplementary Appendix),

 (with Jingting Fan and Sungwan Hong)

NBER WP #31504

Reciprocity and the China Shock,    

 (with Chad Bown, Lorenzo Caliendo, Robert Staiger, and Alan Sykes)

Mechanics of Spatial Growth, 

 (with Sheng Cai, Lorenzo Caliendo, and Wei Xiang)

NBER WP #30579

(November 2020, PRELIMINARY) (with Lorenzo Caliendo)

Published Papers

Labor Supply Shocks and Capital Accumulation: The Short and Long Run Effects of the Refugee Crisis in Europe  

American Economic Review Papers and Proceedings, vol, 113, 577-584, 2023  (with Lorenzo Caliendo, Luca David Opromolla and Alessandro Sforza)

Lessons from U.S.-China Trade Relations 

Annual Review of Economics, vol, 15, 513-547, 2023 (with Lorenzo Caliendo)

Handbook of International Economics, Volume V, March 2022  (with Lorenzo Caliendo)

AEJ: Macro, 14(4), 274-308, 2022 (with Lorenzo Caliendo and Aleh Tsyvinski)

Journal of Political Economy, 129 (12), 3491-3545, 2021  (with Lorenzo Caliendo, Luca David Opromolla, and Alessandro Sforza)

Econometrica, 87(3), 741–835, 2019 (with Lorenzo Caliendo and Max Dvorkin)

Replication Packet    Four Sectors example

The Review of Economic Studies 85(4), 2042-2096, 2018 (with Lorenzo Caliendo, Esteban Rossi-Hansberg, and Pierre-Daniel Sarte)

Code and data files used in the paper: Replication Files

The Review of Economic Studies, 82(1), 1-44, 2015 (with Lorenzo Caliendo)

Codes and data files used in the paper: Data and Codes CP 

American Economic Journal: Macroeconomics, Vol. 5, No. 2: 72-117, 2013

Replication Packet

In Hamid Beladi, E. Kwan Choi (ed.) New Developments in Computable General Equilibrium Analysis for Trade Policy (Frontiers of Economics and Globalization, Volume 7), Emerald Group Publishing Limited, pp.41-60, with Lorenzo Caliendo.   


Comment on Trade Wars and Industrial Policy Competitions: Understanding the US-China Economic Conflicts

Journal of Monetary Economics CRN Conference, 2023.