2015 Craig Noel Nominee Best Featured Performance In a Musical Male - Fernando Vega

“Fernando Vega’s Latino Cowardly Lion is a complete and total hoot.”

-Jeff Smith      

San Diego Reader

"Played with panache: Vega gets the biggest laughs as the melodramatic lion"

-James Herbert       

San Diego Union Tribune

“Vega is the greatest audience-pleaser, alternating macho bravado with outright trembling, shivering, quivering and shuddering.  He gets most of the laughs.”

-Donald H Harrison

San Diego Jewish World

Well then there is Fernando Vega the Latino Cowardly Lion. He is nothing less than laugh out loud funny side-stepping across the stage hoping to find some courage.

Carol Davis

“Meanwhile, the talented Fernando Vega Latin-ized the Lion and drew roars of laughter from the crowd. His strutting dancing and cowardly tail-holding were reminiscent of the Lion we’ve all seen before, but even those characteristics were uniquely his own, spun in such a way (and accompanied by rips in enthusiastic Spanish) that had everyone in stitches.”

-Becca Garber


  Fernando Vega Theatre and film Actor Singer   A.E.A.