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Fernando Correia de Oliveira
(Lisbon, 1954) is a journalist and researcher on Time, Clock and Watch making and Mentality Evolution.
Law, Lisbon University.
Journalist since 1974.
20 years with the Portuguese News Agency.
First Portuguese correspondent in Beijing (1988-90).
10 years with PÚBLICO, the Portuguese daily reference newspaper (1993-2002).
Specialized in International Politics and Asia (China, Japan, Korea).
Independent journalist and publisher since 2002, with a clear leading position on the Portuguese Watch specialized titles:

* Relógios & Canetas online, monthly, since March 2013 (editor-in-chief)
* Anuário Relógios & Canetas, 23th year, once a year, 15.000 copies. Also available in Angola. (editor-in-chief)
*Turbilhão, since 2012, twice a year, 10.000 copies (contributor)
* Swiss Chamber of Commerce in Portugal Newsletter (contributor)
* Estação Cronográfica, since June 2009 (founder), the most important blog in Portuguese language about Time, Watches and Mentality Evolution:
Member of several international organizations on Time studies, expert on Clocks, Time and Time Measurement history for the Portuguese Government.
Founding member of Cartier's Fine Watchmaking Club
Founding member of Montblanc's 4810 Club
Founding member and President - Jury of Grande Prémio de Relojoaria (Portugal)
Contributor to the Ephemera archive, Horology chapter
Published works on History, Time, Mentality, Clock and Watch making:
* Portugal na I Guerra Mundial (1994). A monograph work on Portuguese presence on World War I.
* 500 Anos de Contactos Luso-Chineses (1998). Also translated to mandarin Chinese. An historic and political essay on sino-portuguese 500 years relationship.
* Machado Joalheiro, no Porto desde 1880 (2002). A monographic work about the main watch retailer point in Oporto.
* História do Tempo em Portugal (2003). A 350 pages book about the History of Time and it’s makers; prefaced by the Portuguese President, Jorge Sampaio, considered by the critics has one of the best essay books published in that year.
* Cronologia do Tempo em Portugal (2004). A timeline on the Portuguese Time.
* Manuscrito Anónimo de Relojoaria na Academia das Ciências de Lisboa (2005). A scientific paper presented at the Lisbon Science Academy, about Maritime Chronometers.
* Relógios e Relojoeiros – Quem É Quem no Tempo em Portugal (2006). A Who’s Who of the Portuguese clock and watchmakers, museums, private collections, schools, etc.
* Relógios de Sol em Portugal (2007). About sundials.
* Dicionário de Relojoaria - O Universo do Tempo e dos seus Medidores (2007). A time and watches diccionary. Also translated to Spanish.
* Tempo e Poder em Lisboa - O Relógio do Arco da Rua Augusta (2008). An essay on Time and Power in Lisbon's history.
* Portugal, o Tempo e a Modernidade (2008). An essay on Time and Modernity in Portugal.
* O Relógio da República (2010). An essay on changes on Portuguese time from Monarchy to Republic, in 1910
* Mecânica do Tempo - os Relógios da Colecção Medeiros e Almeida (2019). About the most important clock and watch collection in Portugal.
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