Fermoy Cycling Club is one of the longest established cycling clubs in Ireland. It has a proud history and tradition. The club has produced many champions over the years but the ethos of the club is to get people on their bikes. 
Fermoy is an ideal centre for cycling with flat easy routes and serious hills within a short distance of the town. The many cycle races that  Fermoy Cycling Club run each year make full use of the topography of the region. The Silver Pail GP is a headline event in the Cycling Ireland calendar. 
Fermoy Cycling Club has an active vibrant underage section. Boys and girls from 10 years old upwards are catered for. At underage level Fermoy Cycling Club has enjoyed great success in road racing and is one of the most successful clubs in Ireland. Our current crop of top class Junior and Senior riders came through the underage structure in the club.

A leisure cycling group meets weekly between April and September. This is stress free cycling. Everyone is welcome to come along for a spin.
The club summer league run by Hennessy Cycles is a combination of fun, training and competition. There is a varied programme of events. The Summer League takes place between April and September.
If you would like to know more about our club have a look through the rest of the website or contact us at ccfermoy@gmail.com