Tractor Web Links



Other websites you may be interested in viewing, just click on the website address and it will take you straight there. - A Massey Ferguson official dealer located in Co Louth, Ireland - Friends of Ferguson Heritage Ltd - including a marketplace with 20's / 35's and implements for sale. Also has a fantastic forum with many knowledgeable and helpful people on it. - Speak to Patrick, he is a very helpful man, what he doesnt know about most vintage tractors is not worth knowing! Sales of new and used parts for T20’s and 35’s and also manuals.Based in Melbourne near Derby, in the midlands
 - The David Brown Tractor Club. Has a very good forum with many helpful people on it, get your David Brown questions answered here. - Replacement parts for vintage and modern tractors, also supplies tools. - A massive company with many local dealers supplying tractor parts and accessories. - Very helpful, as their website says they "stock most parts for most tractors". Based in Shardlow near Derby, in the midlands. 
 - A great website showing the restoration of a Fergie and plough.Lots of pictures and information, its regularly updated aswell. - The home of the society of ploughmen, including the British national ploughing championships and ploughing contests on a local, national and international level.  - Another very good website dedicated to ploughing - A very good website with lots of Fergie 20 parts for sale
  - Selling parts for Ferguson, Massey Ferguson, David Brown, Nuffield and Fordson amongst others - The home of Massey Ferguson - The National Farmers Union - A very good place for your vintage tractor insurance