Ploughing/Spreading Pics

Above- No this isnt a picture from a local ploughing match but of my dad on part of the family  vegetable garden. We have a big petrol rotivator but we wanted to go quite deep and break up the hard soil before uncle Nige gets planting his potatos and other veg. The soil stuck to the mouldboards slighty because they are rusted and pitted but it did the job and made going over with the rotivator afterwards much easier. I think my dad really enjoyed it, he spent many many hours in the 70's and 80's ploughing the land on the family farm and i think he would of loved to of gone off with the Fergie and plough in tow to a ploughing match if it was the right time of the year. I really want to restore this plough and the other one over the summer if i get the chance, the other plough is missing a few bits, but im sure they will both work well, when stripped down, sorted out and painted again.


Above - This is an image i scanned in from a picture, it shows my dad on the family David Brown 885 in the 70's or 80's ploughing with a 2 furrow reversible plough. They used to plough over 100 acres each year for planting veg and animal feed. My dad has many happy memorys of his days ploughing, he says at the time the db and plough were well suited and it made a tidy job



Above - I took this picture last year, i spread fertilizer on some of the fields which were intended for hay, the Fergie performed well, i ran her in second gear, medium revs and it gave a good coverage of fertilizer. I was abit concerned about the weight on the rear with no weights on the front of the tractor. All was ok, if i filled the hopper level to the top there wasnt a problem it was only when i tried to heap up the fertilizer that the front of the 20 started dancing and it became dangerous. You could fit weights to the front of the 20 but its not really designed for anymore weight on the back than that anyway. 



 Above - Another fertilizing picture, this time in another field. Was lovely that day, warm and sunny, nice day for no cab