Our Implements

 Information and pictures on the implements we have and use. 

3 Tonne Tipping Trailer - 

Above - The trailer after we had cut off the rotted sides and floor

This trailer was purchased locally by my dad from a good family friend in 2006, it had been standing in a field for a number of years with a load of topsoil on it. The chassis was solid but the metal body was completely rotten.The first job after bringing it back behind one of our fergies was to take the whole body and corner posts off using an angle grinder, then the trailer was sent to a place locally to be shot blasted and given a coat of grey primer, our good friend Lenny then welded up four new corner posts from 3" angle iron along with the angle iron along the top at the sides.Two used land rover tyres were obtained then fitted to the newly painted wheels. I painted the newly primered chassis several times to match the tractor and we went down the route of using wooden planks for the body as apposed to metal which is currently stupid prices and wouldnt be viable to do. So the wooden planks were stained several times and fitted by me to the body using coach bolts.The hydraulic ram had not been operated for years and consequently leaked when opened fully, a new seal was fitted and now with 3-4 tonnes on it,will tip with ease with no leaks. We have been using this trailer alot recently for carting wood, gravel and manure. It has made a fantastic trailer and in the end did not cost us alot to restore and we saved it from the scrapman !

Above - The same completed trailer carrying a load of ash tree logs, the colour match with the tractor is spot on and it looks really good being pulled behind the 20.


Above - The same trailer completed with working tipping ram


Sid's Ferguson 2 Furrow Plough Number 1 - 

This was purchased locally at the start of 2007, the plough is currently in the same state as the picture above, it is something that we wish to restore then get using when time permits. Hopefully this year (2008) we can get it restored and get off to some local ploughing matches with it 

Sid's Ferguson 2 Furrow Plough Number 2 - 

This was purchased from Wales in July 2007, it is another implement we wish to restore when we find the time.There is several pieces missing which we need to source when we find the time. 

McConnel Sawbench -

Purchased locally at the start of 2007 this Mc Connel sawbench is in very good condition and is an extremely useful tool, it is one of the earlier models with the single flat drive belt instead of the later models with the three v belts, it runs directly off the pto unlike our Ferguson cordwood saw which uses a belt pulley. This sawbench transports easily but does stick out quite alot on the one side so you have to be careful transporting it on narrow roads and lanes. One day it would be nice to strip it down and repaint / recondition but at the minute we use it too much to be able to strip it down and restore it over several weeks. 

Ferguson Cordwood Saw -


Above - Our Fergie cordwood saw, which i have recently restored, its runs off a Fergie belt pulley which connects to the pto shaft on the back of the tractor with four studs

Salop 6 Tonne Tipping Trailer -

Above - Our Salop trailer - chassis and running gear are fine but the metal body is completely rotted

9th April 08 - This is the same trailer now 90% complete.


Custom Made Transport Box -

This was made by my cousin's fiance, it is a fantastic box and the perfect size to go behind our tractors,it is painted a shade of Fergie grey and it is hinged so it will tip. We use it to transport logs and tools. When overfilled the front of the tractor becomes light so you have to be careful.