Other pictures i have taken

Above - An large dead ash butt we cut into rings with our big Stihl saw - The best timber for burning

Above - A lovely day to do some rolling 

 Above - Me spreading fertilizer on the field we call barleycroft

Above - Some of my girlfriends and familys horses - 4 of their Percheron mares (In Foal) and an ex throughbred race horse

Above - Rolling a friends field after chain harrowing

Above - Chain harrowing , it was really cold that day. 



Above - A scanned in picture of my dad on the family David Brown 885 with a reversible plough in the 70s or 80s 

 Above - Heading off to collect a good load of cordwood timber

 Above - Our 1955 Fergie TED 20 + Our 3 tonne tipping trailer outside one of the old barns - I think this has made a really nice picture 

 Above - A side on picture i took for the DVLA when we reregistered the tractor for an age related reg number

 Above - My dad chain harrowing the wotcroft field

  Above - He looks deep in thought

Above - I was halfway through fitting the new wooden body to our trailer, i thought i would go a little run to test how everything was sitting, my grans dog Toby wanted to come too. 

Above - Hoping for plenty of hay, spreading fertilizer on the 10 acre field 

Above - Our trailer being painted by me in a shade of Fergie grey 

Above - Going off to tip the muck cart - some weight on there