Massey Ferguson 35

 Pictures and information of my 3 cylinder diesel 35


My Old Petrol / TVO 35 

Thursday 3rd Jan 2008 - I havnt talked about my 35 for a while now so i thought i would do a little update.She has been sitting in the barn for a couple of months, but we have got her out to do a little work on her.The carb is not running correctly, the fuel mix is all over the place and she occasionally floods then stalls, i have a new carb gasket set which steve has put on but more work is required.I have also had two new tyres fiitted a while back because the old ones had cracked and a hole had formed.

Friday 10th August - We have fitted a new fanbelt which is the correct length and width, adjusted the clutch, fitted the tipping pipe and the tool box. We are bale carting tomorrow so i will be posting up some pictures, abit of bad news, the fuel tank has sprung a leak, its leaking very slightly from the tvo section at the front, We will have to run on just petrol untill we fix it.

I have received an age verification letter back from Chris Massingham at the Friends Of Ferguson Heritage, our 35 was manufactured at Banner Lane Coventry on Monday 2nd may 1960, it was one of 177 made that day. 

So our 35 is about 95 % there. The clutch needs adjusting slightly, the governors need adjusting because they do not open correctly and we still have the tipping pipe to fit and the new bush for the balance beam. Hopefully all these will be out this week, then we can go out and enjoy this tractor.

Tuesday 31st July - We had a few hours in the afternoon to fit the new thermostat and gaskets, new seals fitted to the fuel tank and tap, new hose between the air filter pipe and the carburettor. We then started to put everything back together. A credit to Steve because after all the electrics and control box were replaced the tractor started up first time with no choke and now runs better than ever, so another big thankyou to Steve for all the help he gives us.The tractormeter seems to be running fine, oil pressure is good and with the new thermostat the water temp is being regulated correctly.

Monday 30th July - Took a trip to Patrick at fergiland again today. Purchased a new control box for the electrics because the mounts on the old one had broken off and it was wobbling about everywhere and stretching the cables, got a new wiring loom to go with the control box, a new tractormeter and cable,a rubber seal for the bonnet and the hook for the pick up hitch and a tipping pipe to tip a trailer.

Started to strip the tractor down in the afternoon ready for all the new bits, off came the bonnet, radiator, petrol tank,battery/battery tray and thermostat housing.Steve fitted the new control box and wiring loom,he and my dad fitted the new tractormeter and then we left it for the next day.

Saturday 28th July - Fitted the new fuel bowl and plugs, ran the mc connel sawbench behind the 35 for a few hours and it has done the tractor the world of good, i think the elderly gentleman who owned the tractor before us did not use it very often, but it ran the sawbench fine and we filled the trailer full of logs.

Thursday 26th July - I have been to see patrck at Fergiland this morning to get a few bits, i got a new set of plugs,thermostat and gasket for the housing ,glass fuel bowl,fan belt,toolbox and brackets,a metal bush for the balance beam and a seat cover. so hopefully if the weather is nice on saturday we will get these bits fitted.

Im going to send off to Chris Massingham at the friends of ferguson heritage later today to obtain an age verification letter so i can get an age related number from the dvla because no numberplate or documents came with this tractor.

Wednesday 25th July - Purchased locally on Sunday 22nd July 2007, this Massey ferguson 35 is a four cylinder petrol/tvo. Going by the serial number SKM 189110 is was made in 1960, the general condition is quite good, The engine,transmission and the tinwork was painted several years ago so it is quite tidy, it starts off the key and runs reasonably well, but smokes slightly when running on tvo.Hydraulics,pto and live drive appear to work fine. The tractormeter and oil and water temp guages do not work correctly, so i will be buying a genuine new set from massey so they all match up.The thermostat is not working so it is not getting as warm as it should.Tyres are about 50 % rear and 60 % front. Fanbelt is at full adjustment but still slack.No seat cover and the wheels nuts have been painted red, im not keen on them so they will be changed. So all in all its not too bad and with a few new bits and pieces and some fettling it should be fine and will make a great addition to our collection.