Logging Pictures

Pictures and info on our tree felling / log cutting activities with our vintage tractors and sawbenches

Another one of our interests is logging,my dad has been cutting logs/felling trees for over 30 years since he and his brother Nigel used to cut logs all day on a saturday and sunday to burn through the week on the aga and wood burners at the farm. My dad also did alot of work for a friend and his forestry opertions for a number of years. It is something i really enjoy aswell.We like nothing better than to go off on tractors with the sawbenches behind them and cut some wood. We cut logs for our friends and family. 

We have a Ferguson cordwood saw which connects to a Ferguson belt pulley via a large flat belt, which we use to cut cordwood into logs. We also have a Mc connel sawbench which was bought locally, it is a table sawbench, one of the earlier models with one flat belt instead of the later ones with the v belts, it connects directly to the pto shaft and makes cutting large slabs of wood into logs, possible.

Here are some off our logging pictures

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The latest pictures start from the top and go down  


Above and below - We had some mixed timber from a local woods which had be felled and replanted by a friend. The db pulled it back, around 5 tonnes with ease, Not bad for a tractor over 40 years old !













Above - Our David Brown 880 lifting a large piece of ash with surprisingly relative ease, made it alot easier to cut into slabs when it was off the ground - abit of good advertising for Stihl aswell - Our Ms 880 with a 48" rail + chain 

 Above - Poplar, birch and ash, ready to be cut into logs

 Above - The 880 lifting a large and heavy piece of ash off the ground with a chain on the front loader  

 Above - An action shot with my dad taking a turn driving and me taking this picture from in the trailer-












- Our 35 outside another local woods















 Another big ash tree which had fallen during heavy winds, we cut it into slabs with our big stihl saw and carted it away behind dads 20 to cut into logs

  Above - The David Brown in action powering the sawbench,cutting some mixed wood into logs












Above - Our Fergie 20 + Trailer being loaded with logs cut on the Mc Connel sawbench behind the David Brown

Above - Fergie to the rescue again - pulling my truck loaded with logs out of a absolutely sodden field  












Above - My 35 carting a good load of poplar to be cut into logs 

Above - My dad ready to cut some slabs  of elder into logs

Above - Tipping a load of brook elder slabs next to a pile of ash tree lengths

Above - Getting ready to fell that large brook elder tree which had died  

Above - Cutting some very hard ash/oak into logs












My dad in the above picture cutting up a pile of ash and brook elder with the Mc connel sawbench behind my  35

Above - Our Fergie saw, recently restored cutting some cordwood into logs

Above - The Mcconnel sawbench behind our David Brown, my dad cutting some large slabs of poplar into logs












Above - Cutting some cordwood with our Fergie saw behind Uncle Sid's 20












Above - We cut some slabs of ash/oak into logs for my dads auntie,the wood had been cut into large slabs about 20 years ago and dry stored in a stable, it was some of the hardest timber we have ever cut, more like granite than wood 

Above - Getting ready to fell a large brook elder tree which had died 

The above picture is of a very large ash tree which had fallen down in the storms, a friend of our asked if we could remove it from his field, we cut up the upper half into rings using the chainsaws and carted it away behind the 20, we have got to go back when we get time to finish off the lager base part but we need a saw with about a 5-6' rail. 












Above - Tipping a good load of ash lengths, ready to be cut into logs

Above - Carting around 3 tonne of ash back to the woodyard. I like this picture

Above - Loading the trailer behind my 35 with logs

Above - Another load of cordwood on the metal bodied trailer

Above - Sharpening and putting some set on the blade


Above - Slabs from a very large ash tree, they were about 6' across and too big to go in our transport box


Above - A load of ash cut into rough logs, very good for burning, burns hot rarely spits and has a low moisture content so doesnt take long to dry out


And below a nice poem to help you when buying logs


Above - More of the good stuff ! Ash tree logs

Above - Sawing a large willow tree into lengths which had split in half, not really for burning but to remove it from the field


Above - My uncle Nige using the sawbench 


Above - Now were talking !