Haymaking Pictures

Our haymaking pictures from 2007 and 2008

 2008 Pictures -    

Above - Turning the Normans field with the PZ haybob 

 Above - Our PZ mower and David Brown 880 mowing the Normans Field

 Above - My dad turning the hay 


Above - One of the other hill fields, which has made very nice hay

Above - All finished in this field

Above - Look at the clouds, its lucky we got it all baled without it raining

Above - Uncle Nige taking a turn


2007 Pictures -

During the summer of 2007 we helped cart over 1500 bales of hay for a friend of ours and around 3500 for my partner and her family. For the 1500 bales we used my 35 and dads 20, we carted three loads each out of the field and down the road around a mile to the barn.Both tractors worked faultlessly all day and pulled the loaded bale trailers with relative ease, the trailers were loaded with a browns flat eight grab fitted to a brand new Massey Ferguson , the baling was done by a 2wd Massey Ferguson 3060 with a John Deere baler.

The other pictures are of my 35, i turned over 60 acres of hay in july with a PZ haybob for my partner and her family, for feed for their heavy horses and beef cattle, i spent several enjoyable days from 11 in the morning till 7 at night turning hay. Im extremely happy with my 35, it worked all day on each occasion without a single problem, i have never seen so much hay, the rows were 2 and 3 foot deep in parts and the 35 threw it all out and rowed it up without a problem.  A contractor friend of ours was used to do the baling, he used an immaculate L reg Ford 8240, he baled over 300 large round bales and around 3500 square bales which i helped cart.

Here are some of our pictures.

Above - Turning the big field. I spent many enjoyable hours turning the hay in the 25 acre field during the summer 

 Above - One of my favourite tractor pictures from the summer, my 35 and dads 20 loaded up, side by side

Above - Stopped to clear the tines of hay  

Above - Nearly loaded, didnt want to risk going too high past the gates incase a bale dropped forward, not ideal with no cab.

Above - Being loaded by the river to the left 

Above - One of the smaller fields around 10 acres, a lighter crop on this field

Above - Load number three behind our 20

Above - Another picture from the 25 acre field, was really hot and i really enjoyed myself, i could turn hay everyday of the week

Above - Dad's TED20 waiting to be loaded 

Above - My dad in his element ! Loaded up, heading back to the barn to unload

Above - The two wheel drive Massey and John Deere baler working well

Above - The big new Massey made very light work of picking up all the bales of hay

 Above - Ready and waiting for bales 

Above - The new Massey Ferguson dwarfs my 35 - I think the new Massey's front wheels are larger than my 35's rears

Above  - TED20 - Serial number 458415


 Above - Adjusting the bales