Ferguson TED 20's

Above - Uncle Sids 1948 tvo on the left, Dads 1955 tvo on the right


These are our two Ferguson TED 20's

Dad's TED 458415 Manufactured at Banner Lane Coventry on Saturday 25th June 1955. One of 125 made that day.














Above - This is what it looked like when we purchased it.

We purchased this tractor locally at the beginning of 2006, so we have it about two years now, it was not in too bad a condition as you can see from the above picture. We are not sure of its earlier history but more recently it spent many years pulling gang mowers around the grounds of Armitage Shanks where they make the bathroom suites 

Since we have owned it has had a :

  • A new hydraulic pump
  • New Clutch
  • The head off to open and polish all the ports and then skimmed.
  • A new complete wiring loom
  • Two new rear tyres
  • New homemade exhaust made from three pieces of scrap stainless steel
  • The badly worn original 28G carb replaced with an earlier and larger 24 T
  • Strip down and respray in Fergie grey two pack paint

Dads Ferguson 20 - The Story

Once back at the workshop a full inspection revealed that the tractor was in quite good condition. During the course of the next 12 months restoration work was carried out; the head was removed and skimmed, a new clutch, wiring loom and hydraulic pump fitted. When the tractor was started it ran very badly because the original 28G carburettor was totally worn out, and no amount of adjustment would get it fueling correctly. Patrick at Fergiland was contacted, who suggested changing the carburettor from the original 28G to an earlier and larger 24T as this had been found to work successfully. Patrick was able to supply a 24T and when fitted and adjusted it gave an even amount of fuel across the rev range; the tractor now runs really well when pulling weight and working hard. Both rear tyres were replaced as those fitted when the tractor arrived were quite badly worn, a new upswept stainless steel exhaust was fabricated and finally the whole tractor repainted in two pack paint




Above - Transporting it back from being painted


Above - Back home from painting and having another inspection


Above - Another before pic - the day we picked her up


Above - Transporting her back from the paint shop


Above - Carting 2-3 tonne of ash tree cordwood


Above - I took this pic after she had spent several hours powering the Mc Connel sawbench 


Above - This is how she looks now, complete with the new homemade upswept stainless exhaust and respray in two pack paint


The majority of the parts we needed and alot of helpful advice came from Patrick at fergiland so a big thankyou to him.


My Uncle Sid's TED20 Petrol/TVO. Manufactured 1948



This is my uncle Sids 20, he purchased it in 2004 locally from a relative of ours, it was originally running on 6v but we have recently changed it to 12v. This is the tractor which started us collecting tractors and implements again. 


Although the tractor was running when Sid bought it, work was needed to get the clutch and brakes working correctly. All wiring was replaced and the carburettor settings adjusted. Fortunately upon inspection the engine was in good working condition and only the seals and gaskets needed replacing. Finally, the TED was repainted using industrial enamel paint.