David Brown 880 - With Loader












We were looking to buy a diesel tractor to add to our collection when we heard a friend was selling his DB.

We thought

  • Its diesel which we wanted, db engines are normally bomb proof
  • We knew, running properly it would make light work of powering the Mc connel sawbench,the big diesel engine would be better suited to powering it than our fergies. we intended to use it as the work horse
  • Being diesel the fuel efficiency/cost would be alot better than running our petrol tvo tractors 
  • The front loader would be very useful,especially working with and cutting big pieces of timber, it was being sold with a big bucket, two large pallet forks and a normal set of forks.
  • My dad spent many many hours in the 70's and 80's working on our family David Brown 885 so he quite fancied another one.
  •  It had two new front tyres and two new rear Goodyear grass tyres
  • The price was right
  • It would be a  good investment

We purchased this David Brown 880 Selectamatic 3 cylinder diesel locally from a friend of ours in july 2007, he had owned it for a number of years and had been using on his small holding to carry out some rolling, chain harrowing and a believe it has had a small square baler behind it.Before then it belonged to the nursery (plants not babies) he works for, it was used for its front loader to load pete and compost into machinery.before that it spent all of its earlier life on a market garden, so we are quite fortunate other than a few dents on the bonnet it is in very good mechanical and cosmetic condition.

Since owning the tractor we have changed the engine and hydraulic oil, changed the two fuel filters,engine oil and hydraulic oil filters. The two seals had perished on the bottom of the gear sticks so water had passed into the hydraulic oil, when we changed it, it was completely white like mayonaise, it was a wonder that the lift arms worked at all.

We had a friend of ours paint the wheels, wings, bonnet, seat and dash just to tidy the tractor up because there was some slight surface rust. We purchased new upper and lower grille pieces and a new exhaust.

So thats about it at the minute, the db looks good, obviously far from concourse but tidy just how we like it. We have spent the last couple of weekends cutting up logs with the sawbench behind the db for hours at a time and it makes light work of it and uses very little fuel so we are happy.





































Above - Stripped down, having all of the panels and wheels painted