About Us

Hello and welcome to our website.

We are a family of ex farmers from the midlands in the UK 

There is me Mark, my dad Henry and his brothers, my uncles, Sid and Nigel, and our good friend Steve

Over the last five years we have started to collect, work, restore and show vintage tractors and machinery


L-R My Dad,Uncle Nigel,Uncle Sid,Me and Steve

I have had the above picture for some time now and ive been comtemplating whether to show it or not, so let the rip taking commence!! 

I have created this website because of our love for vintage tractors and after having a lot of requests from other tractor enthusiasts who wanted us to share information and pictures of our vintage tractors and the implements we have and use.So the website is here really to showcase our pictures and with the intention of adding alot of information, and offering help and support to other enthusiasts.

I am hoping to keep this website updated on a weekly basis,i'll add new photos as i take them, so please keep coming back. I am hoping to over the next few weeks to add alot more detail to what has actually been done to our tractors and more detail about our implements we wish to restore.We are looking forward to hearing from anyone with a vintage tractor, or is interested like us in logging or anyone who just fancies a chat or wants to send us some pictures of their own project.

We currently own three Fergie 20's, a Massey Ferguson 35  3 cylinder 35 and a David Brown 880 Selectamatic 3 cylinder diesel and a David Brown 880 Implematic

Lots of information and pictures of our Fergie 20's be found in Ferguson 20's section.

Pictures and info on our David Brown 880 can be found here 

Our family used to farm around 300 acres in staffordshire, we had a dairy herd, beef cattle, sheep and we used to grow feed for the animals.

Our love for vintage tractors was reborn around 5 years ago when after not owning a tractor of our own for a number of years since not having the farm and land anymore my uncle Sid rolled up with a little Fergie 20 he had purchased off a relative of ours,my dad, having spent many many hours on a David Brown, Nuffield and a Fordson E27N amongst others took a great interest in this little Fergie and i suppose fancied one himself so after doing some searching another local TED was found and purchased. Since then our interest and enthusiasm for vintage tractors and implements has grown and we have started to collect various tractors and implements, this is what we currently own:

  • Ferguson TED 20 1948

  • Ferguson TED 20 1955 -  TED 458415 

  • Massey Ferguson 35 3 Cylinder Diesel - SNF 187716

  • David Brown 880 Selectamatic 3 Cylinder Diesel

  • Ferguson Cordwood Saw

  • Mc Connel Sawbench

  • Ferguson 2 Furrow Plough x 2

  • Salop 6 Tonne Single Axle Tipping Trailer

  • Ferguson mk2 3 Tonne Tipping Trailer

  • 3 Tonne Tipping Trailer

  • Custom Made Transport Box

  • PZ CM 165 2 Drum Rotor Mower

Pictures and information on the implements above can be found in the our Implements section. 

We use the tractors and implements as a hobby when time permits, we get great satisfaction and enjoyment from restoring and using them, and in the current climate they are a great investment.

We hope to add to our collection over the coming years and fully restore and use the implements we currently have.