6th November 2010 -
12th October 2009 - My 35 in the operating theatre !

I have been toying with the idea of having her painted for some time now. Through working it we have found out what items needed attention and replacing, over the last 18 months it has had the injectors serviced, cylinderhead and valve work,new waterpump and hoses,control box,brake linings, bearings in the front hubs and new front wheels and tyres. Now there is no point painting with oil leaks, and the engine is slightly worn, abit of smoke coming from the exhaust pipe and breathing through the pipe on rocker cover and also leaking oil from the rear crank seal, pistons and rings worn causing crankcase compression. Ive currently got the tractor split into two halve, so i thought that now im going to this trouble i should do it all properly, so i am waiting for a engine overhaul kit from our local Massey dealer, kit includes pistons, liners,gaskets,seals etc. Thrugh blood, sweat and the liberal use of propane i have managed to remove the four long bolts which held the mudguards and the old brackets for the rollframe in place. Bonnet and dashboard are more than good enough to reuse but im treating her to two new wings.I have removed the old lift arms which i believe were off a Ford 2000, so in intend to replace with the proper ones. Tractor has had two really good steamings off and peeled alot of the old paint off so shouldnt take much rubbing down before painting, hopefully with the engine rebuilt and new seals and bearings the tractor should run like a goodun! I will keep you posted.

Sunday 4th October - I made a short video yesterday whilst we were working, it shows our 1963 David Brown 880 Implematic powering our Mc Connel sawbench, we were cutting up rings from an brook elder tree which we had taken down, into logs for winter.

Video Here

Sunday 30th August 09 - Two picturers below from yesterday, we cut up a good load of logs onto my red trailer in the left pic using our Mc Connel bench behind our new Fergie 20, then after cooking some nice bacon and blackpudding in a frying pan on a fire, in the afternoon we dropped a few thorn trees and a nice ash tree,we cut all the cordwood up into lengths or logs and carted them back behind my 35 in the right hand picture.Timber is full of sap so will need storing undercover to dryout/season.

 My dads on the front cover of the new classic Massey mag !

Didnt even realise, just had an email off the lovely lady called Gina Harvey who did our magazine feature in Old Tractor mag last year, we have a feature in this mag aswell, not sure if the writeup and pictures are the same as last year because i havnt seen the mag yet. 

The actual picture they have used on the front cover is one that i took so i am really pleased.

Ive told my dad that he is now famous lol



9th August 09 - I have had the same digital camera for about 7 years and never made a video with it in that time, and now ive made 2 in a week ! This second short vid is of a nice Fergie 20 we have recently purchased. Video here ---> Ferguson 20 TEA/D 4th August 09 -  We purchased a Foster DP2 Ditcher from a sale as "not working", once getting it back we replaced the split hose, checked over all the fittings and filled it up with hydraulic oil. We connected it up to one of our David Browns and enguaged the pto, its now working again. I made a short video with my digital camera and posted it up on Youtube for abit of fun. Vid shows my dad as we were working on it.You can view it here ->  Foster Video 

20th May 09 - Changed the engine oil and filter in my David Brown. The lift arms were working when i purchased it but shortly afterwards they packed up, we have changed the large hydraulic filter and replaced the 23litres of old hydraulic/transmission oil with fresh sae 30 universal, but lift arms still do want to rise, we have tried a few different things as suggested by some of the people on the David Brown Club website but to no avail. The David Brown Selectamatic system was always highly rated because of its lift capacity, draft control when ploughing etc, but was, and is, found to be overly complicated and a bugger when not working correctly. Tractor needs splitting in half aswell,  when using sawbench, pto enguagement/disenguagement would be accompanied by the familiar crunching/grinding sound, now Steve and us have looked through the inspection cover and adjusting the three set screws has not helped, pto plate/bearing is knackered so we need to split tractor and replace.

Been working on my freind Leigh's 4 cylinder Massey Ferguson 35 today

7th May 09 - Been busy, the starter motor on dad's Fergie gave up the ghost at the weekend, so i have fitted a new one, i also changed the engine oil and filter, i filled her up with Sae 40 oil so she has more oil pressure now when working which is good. I have bought a new deluxe seat and bracket for my 35, so i have fitted that, and also a numberplate bracket for on the back of the seat and a new numberplate which i got made up at malvern. I have taken the plunge and also bought a full set of lights for it, the two for the sides of the bonnet and the two Butlers for the wings, im not too impressed about the brackets which bolt onto the wings, so may look for some better ones. We have around 10 Tonne of timber stuck infront of the barn which needs sawing up before we start running about with bale trailers, so we are going to have a few hours sawing on saturday. We have finished work for the time being on my David Brown, it starts off the key, radiator is holding water and dynamo is charging the battery, so we will give that a runup behind one of the sawbenches on saturday to see how it performs. The council has given permission for two large ash trees to come down, both stand over 100 foot so there will be alot of timber in them when we take them down. In the picture below you can see we have had the lower metal chin piece added to the David Brown and painted white, i have also painted the bracket on the front loader in db chocolate brown to finish it off. 

4th May 09 -  A picture of our MF35 and David Brown at a local transport show which we attended at the weekend, with nice weather, a good bbq, lots of family and friends, and lots of old cars,bikes tractors, it was a really good day out. Will type more when i have time.






16th April 09 - I have replaced the well worn, and what appears to have been the original waterpump on my MF 35. I have replaced it with a Sparex unit and i took the liberty of replacing all of the hoses and jubilee clips aswell.

I have also obtained an old flatbed trailer (Thanks Leigh). The chassis and running gear appears to be very strong, but the hardwood timber has all started to rot badly as a result of standing outside for years. I plan to remove the old timber, rub down or possilbly shotblast the chassis and repaint, then add a new timber floor. I might see if i can add removeable headboard/tailboard and sides to make it more useful. Watch this space

10th April - A long overdue update ! -  Hello, its been nearly seven weeks since i have written anything or updated the website, so i thought i would tell you what each of our old tractors has been doing recently and what work needs doing on each one:

My 3 cylinder MF 35 - Steve,  very kindly has had it in his workshop at the start of the year, the cylinder head has been overhauled, valves seats cut and valves reseated, the three injectors have been serviced,new seals and bearing in front hubs,new seals and brake linings on the rear. We have had the tractor behind the sawbench a few times and it has been carting timber in the trailers. The tractor runs rough for a few minutes when started frrom cold, but then seems to run fine, so further investigation is needed, also the bearings have gone on the waterpump, so when time permits that will been replaced for the correct one as there are two different ones because of the boss size on the hub (41mm and 27mm).The brackets for the old rollframe need to be removed but the 4 long bolts are seized solid, so will need some heat to remove them. Many thanks to Steve for all his help with the tractor

Dads David Brown 880 - The Ford 32" wheels we had modified are a perfect fit, so knowing that no adjustments are needed we have had them painted in a shade of db orchid white, the colour is not quite exactly the same as the rest of the tractor but it is no show piece so we are not too bothered, it has covered the primer and will hopefully keep any rust at bay. Its has spent many hours recently powering the sawbench, its the middle of april and we are still cutting alot of logs. I have bought a new metal chin piece which fits beneath the main red grille to complete the front end. once trial fitted we can get that painted in orchid white aswell. Left hand side brake is not as it should be, a little adjustment has been made, but the oil seal stopping the oil from the backend getting on the brake linings may be leaking slightly like our other db, so that is another job which we have got to do. We spent around 5 hours muck spreading on monday using the db to power a Howard rotaspreader( pictures lower down on page), the old tractor didnt know she was pulling or powering it and it did her the world of good!

My DB 880 -  New oil seals and brake linings fitted,replacement stub axles,bearings cleaned and refitted with new o rings, thrust washers etc, 4 new track rod ends fitted and tracking set up, leaking radiator has been fitted with a new modern core costing a small fortune, I went to see Barcley Williams the other day, and having come home alot lighter in the wallet i now have a new throttle cable,stop cable,grille,return springs for the two cables,4 way hydraulic valve for dads 880 and some other parts i cant quite remember. Hopefully my dad and steve are going to have a few hours tomorrow fitting these parts, i may go and help them if time permits. Also the wiring needs replacing, the plastic dial part of the light switch is broken,the wiring is all still connected even though there is no lights, so these wires need removing and some wires need replacing as the plastic sheath is split and the wire is shorting out on the metalwork.

Dads Fegie 20 - This old girl has been chain harrowing and pulling trailers laiden with logs, a new battery has recently been fitted which has aided starting, and seems to make her run very sweet. She has been out today with the transport box behind her taking 2 loads of logs to my gran for her log burner. No work needed to her at the minute. Touch wood !

Uncle Sid's Fergie 20 - It has the Ferguson cordwood connected up to it permanantly at the minute, was used last saturday for a few hours. The saw is bloody good, but you need the right size timber. No work needed to her at the minute

Uncle Nige's Dexta - Had a fuel starvation problem which has been fixed, it has been carting timber, as shown in one of the pictures below

We are trying to get all work done on the tractors because we all hope to go to a show at Catton park nr Walton on Trent, south Derbyshire on Sunday 3rd May, if you live close why not come along or better still if you have an old tractor why not come a ride out on it. I believe It is being organised by a different club/people this year, but last year it was very good, there was over 40 vintage tractors as well as lots of vintage cars, bikes, trucks etc

We hope to take all our tractors, so lets hope the weather is good. Fingers crossed ! See you there 


23rd Jan 09 - This is the first chance i have had to do abit of an update since the new year, so i have plenty to write. The pictures of the David Brown are of one which i purchased between christmas and the new year. Up untill 6 months ago it has spent its entire working life from brand new on a farm in Tarporley near Chester, i am only the second person on the log book. It is an 880 Selectamatic, the same as our other one. It has seen alot of work and unfortunantly not much servicing / tlc etc. It came wearing a Sekura safety cab, which doing nothing for me, i quickly removed. It needs alot of new parts, due to wear and tear, and parts being damaged. I have been looking for one for 12 months since we purchased our other 880, but i wanted one without a front loader and with the 32" rear wheels. I would of ideally liked to have bought one which had done less work, but they were made in far less numbers than Fergie 20 and MF 35's so despite looking at many of them, there isnt as much choice as other makes of vintage tractors.

I have stripped the 880 right down and its currently standing on axle stands. The engine runs well, the radiator has a bad leak on the bottom part of the core so im currently getting that recored. Both stub axles have worn, the thread on both has worn away completely so i have sourced another pair from Ken Jarvis@ Bicester. Track rod ends have all worn, the ball is nearly out of the socket on two of them. We have just lifted out the halfshafts/reduction box, to check the state of brakes, the linings are well down and one of the seals has perished and allowed oil on to the brakes, so i am going tomorrow to get new seals and brake linings.

So there is plenty to do and we can take our time repairing it. It will make a very usable tractor, im looking forward to getting all the jobs done and being able to use it.


16th Dec 08 - Many thanks to Matt and Mick !! They have taken the 32" 6 stud Ford wheels that i purchased, cut the centre out, and cut and welded in a new circular 15mm plate and drilled 8 studs to go straight on our 880. The quality of their welding is spot on, and their measurements were 100% accurate. Myself and my dad fitted them the other day, and they dropped straight on with no adjustments needed. We were not sure what it would look like with solid back wheels, but in the flesh it looks really good, uncle Sid reckons it looks like something out of Mad Max ! The wheels have raised the back of the tractor up and it nows sits virtually level. The bigger wheels have improved the top speed aswell, my dad followed me in my truck and the tractor was running at about 20-21mph. The solid wheels are very strong and will be ideal for when we are pulling our big red trailer, they are set out slightly aswell so it will help with stability when we are using the front loader.


I dropped a large dead brook elder tree the other day for a friend, once i dropped it we used dads Fergie to pull it up the bank with a chain because it had rolled back into the brook slightly, we ringed it up and we will use it for firewood.

The picture of the David Brown in a snowy field is a christmas card me and Jen  have received from my uncle Nigel and auntie Shirley, I thought what a fantastic picture it is, what with the robin and the farmer and his dog aswell, and it is the same model tractor and we actually own, an 880. Thankyou Nige and Shirley 

4th Dec 08 - Is it really only 21 days till christmas?? Have you done all your shopping yet?,  i havnt started mine!

Does anyone know of any companies who sell new blades for Mc Connel sawbenches? Im interested to know the price of one with tungsten carbide tipped teeth?

We have alot of sawing to do this coming weekend, Weve got a big butt of oak and sycamore to cut up into rings then into logs, were going to cut a big load onto one of the trailers and pull it behind Nige's Dexta to give that a run. The brakes on my 35 have become none existant, thats to be expected because it hasnt ran for 10 years prior to me buying it, so they will all be stripped down and replaced in the near future, we havnt had chance to take the drums off yet, but i presume it will need new brake linings and fittings etc











Above - A picture i have received from Richard Bowles of his son George on their 3 cylinder 35 turning hay with a Vicon Acrobat

27th Nov 08 - My continued search for the correct  pair of 32" wheels in a 8 stud David Brown fitment remains fruitless, but thanks to Matt, today i have obtained a pair of 32's with virtually new tyres but in a 6 stud Ford/NH fitment. I needed to go away and take some exact measurements, but the price was right so i have bought them anyway. We are just hoping that the centre hole size of 160mm on these wheels is the same as the David brown, if it is Matt tells me that it is no problem for him to fill and then machine out the 8 holes needed to fit our tractor. We are 95% sure we can use them,but if not i will sell them on, then my search for the correct 8 stud wheels will continue. So fingers crossed.

18th Nov 08 -  I have sold our 2 drum mower to a local man called Paul who reads this website, (i havnt forgot about the blade changing lever, i just cant find it yet). The Massey Ferguson trailer has gone to a gent from wales, i was in two minds about keeping the trailer, but it was worth alot of money and too good really for what we need, so i sold it.

I advertised our flatbed Ifor Williams trailer because it was not much use to us with no sides etc, i said i would give it a month and if it didnt sell i would fix on some sides etc to make it more usable. So it didnt sell, and we already  had a long length of 3" angle iron, to use as corner posts and most of the tongue and groove timber,to use as the front, back and sides, so i set about fixing it all together.

Now, the trailer is never going to win best in show (ha ha) but its now ideal for what we want, ive still got to red lead and paint the metalwork and the timber needs another coat of stain but we cut a good load of logs onto it the other day , it tows very well, and its very strong. I decided against putting any sheets of board on the floor, i have just left it slotted, so its no good for carting corn but any sawdust will just drop through and the wooden planks on the bottom shouldnt rot. 












We cut up two good loads of firewood on saturday, I was using our Mc Connell sawbench behind our David Brown and we had the Fergie cordwood saw running behind Sids TED 20, within the hour we had 5-6 tonne loaded between the two trailers you can see in the picture, we carted these to one of the barns to put under cover to finish drying out.







 I spent a day operating this beast last week for my forestry friend. We were felling trees on a bank in a woods as part of a thinning programme, we then winched them up the bank behind the tractor 5-6 at a time and i pulled them over to the other side of the field to be sorted for sale.





Above two pictures - Some of our timber to be cut up for firewood, pine butt, ash,beech

4th September 08 - I have been working for a forestry friend for two days this week, I spent monday working in Bridgnorth, we came back with around 16T of oak and ash cordwood behind a enormous New Holland T7030 and Giant twin axle truck trailer, and on Tuesday we were felling and extracting mature oak trees from a private estate near Cannock chase. We felled the trees, cut to length and forwarded them out with the giant Valmet machine pictured above. Simon in the picture.

We went to Draycott in the clay  village show on Sunday (31st). We took a couple of our tractors, i took my 35 and Fergie trailer which i havnt had time to finish yet. Their was a good collection of old military vehicles, vintage motorbikes and Fowler built steam engines, but not as many old tractors as i thought there would be.

Work in progress !  


A mixed load of timber we cut into logs using the sawbench behind my 35, and hay turning.

11th August 2008 - Fergie Trailer - I have acquired a nice local Ferguson 3 tonne tipping trailer,i went to pick it up the other day with the 35.It is one of the later ones, from the late 50's with a sheet metal floor and wooden drop sides. The original wheels and tyres have been changed at some point for what look like weeks's ones, i presume to allow it to carry abit more weight because of the thick and strong avon tyres. Unfortunantly like our other 3T trailer this one also has been standing outside for two years. I was hoping to reuse the original keruing hardwood timber but pieces of it have started to rot slightly so i have made the decision to replace it all. I have removed all the metal fixings from the trailer body and from the timber. I started to rub down the trailer ready for me to reprime and paint it, i want to paint it MF red, but i have decided to have it shotblasted first and covered in a few coats of red lead, now that im going to the trouble of replacing the timber etc i thought best to have it done properly so hopefully it should look really good when complete.

30th July 08 - I know from my web tool that there is alot of individuals viewing on a weekly basis, im sure alot of you must have some lovely tractors, i would love to see them and i can showcase them on this site, email me on the link above.

29th July 2008- I have bought a pair of new front wheels and tyres for my 35 today, along with a head gasket set, because the current head gasket is perished / ripped and weeping oil slightly,a complete set of anodised wheel nuts, a bonnet rubber, another oil filter so i can drop the oil again and a push fit tipping connector. The new front wheels and tyres are fitted, 6.00 x 16 Firestone 3 ribs and the push fit trailer tipping connector is fitted and tips the trailer with no issues.

I have alot of work to do on my 35 the next few days, a friends hay has been wrapped for haylage, but there is plenty more to be turned for hay so i will be helping with that, and more of Jens grass has been cut by John so i will be busy getting that ready aswell, i have a few loads of logs to deliver and also one or two loads of timber to pick up for logs aswell.

Mu uncle Sid has been mowing with my PZ mower behind a big International and one of the drums has come away completely from the rest of the mower so we have that to sort out aswell.

24th July 08 -  We had a good trailer load of mixed timber today from a local source, as you can see from the picture we loaded the trailer right up untill we could get no more on it. We had to come up a few steep banks out of the gravel pit but the 35 went up them with ease. I got the trailer bottomed out going between the woods and a field so we used the 20 and a chain to pull it free. We have got to get this cut into logs either for this winter or next.

The first orders for logs for this winter are coming in, a friend of the family wants 5-6 loads in our 3 tonne wooden trailer for her bed and breakfast. I think she has a aga and several open fires so they burn quite alot of wood. I will probably deliver these using my 35 but i have got to get the threaded tipping connector on the tractor changed over to a push fit one or else i wont be able to tip the trailer, and i dont fancy throwing 6 loads off by hand anymore.There is still alot of Jens familys grass to be cut for hay, but despite being sunny at the minute its very close and we keep having showers of rain, so we need to do some planning to get it all finished.

I was rowing up untill 10pm with my 35, the hay was ready to be baled and it threatened alot of rain in the morning, so John came to bale it at 8pm and was there till nearly midnight. I rowed it all up and came away at 10pm because it was pitch black and i have no lights, he carried on baling into the night, his tractor and baler looked impressive working in the pitch black what with all the lights on.

I am really pleased with my 35,  i have spent over 30 hours on her this week and she has not missed a beat. All charging / electrical problems seem to be now sorted, she starts first time off the key, and the battery is getting a good charge from the dynamo. All of the hay turning and carting of timber i have done has done her the world of good, there is no smoke when she is working, tickover is fine, throttle response is really good and oil pressure seems fine.

Next steps: Both front tyres had been completely flat for a number of years when we first picked her up. I blew them up with a compressor and they have been holding air fine but since we have been working her, cracks and holes have started to appear so im off to get two new tyres shortly. I still have the brackets which the roll frame attached to, to remove. They are bolted through with the wings and seized solid, so thats another job to do.  












21st July Part 2 - I mowed the Normans field today using the David Brown and my newly purchased PZ drum mower. The mower and tractor worked really well, the mower made a really good cut so i am very pleased. I think this field is around 8 acres and it took me around 3 and a half hours at a steady pace. My dad shot back from work to have a go, so i took the pictures below. Dad spent many many years at the farm mowing with a Nuffield and a two drum mower like my one that i used today, so he was in his element when he had a turn and im sure it brought back some good memories for him.

I also purchased a new battery today for my 35, its a heavy duty starting battery which really throws the engine over when starting up, i have fitted a new amp meter aswell. The 35 now starts with ease and the new amp meter is showing a positive charge when the engine is running so hopefully all the electrical / starting problems have been cured.

So tomorrow i shall be turning the hay with my 35 and if i get chance i will mow a section of the 25 acre field with the David Brown,which is destined for hay.












21st July 2008 -Mowing We have spent some time on the mower that i have bought. We have fitted a new rubber skirt and replaced some of the metal guards which were missing, its all been checked over, grease points have been greased  and i have six new blades for it aswell. My dad gave it a run yesterday to see how it would perform. We have got it behind the David Brown because it has live drive and more power than our 35. The db made light work of operating it and it made a very good cut so we are pleased. I can now hopefully do some mowing for Jenny's family this next week, the weather forecast is good and with over 60 acres for hay there is plenty to keep me busy. So if i cut and turn it, it just leaves John to come and bale it.

18th July 2008 - Repairs and haymaking - We have serviced my 35 to include new fuel and oil filters,new fanbelt,oils and also fitted a new control box, many thanks to Steve for all his help, especially with the electrics.

My partner Jenny familys grass is ready to be cut so i called John the contractor to come and do some mowing,the weather is so unpredictable at the minute so the decision was made to only mow two of the fields. It gave me the perfect chance to give my 35 a good workout with the haybob. I spent around 4 hours over two days turning the hay and rowing it up before John came again and baled it, (Luckily before we had any rain) considering my 35 hasnt really been used for over 10 years i was very pleased with how it performed, its a much lighter crop of hay  than last year but going up the steep hills with the haybob behind it has done my 35 the world of good. Despite having a new control box and all the wiring sorted out there is still some problem. I think that the battery having probably stood flat for a number of years is knackered, there is now a good charge getting to it from the dynamo but i believe it wont hold and take a charge properly so i need a new battery. 












Above - John the contractors immaculate Ford 7710 and Taarup  306 mower conditioner - His mowing outfit. Considering both the tractor and mower are each over 25 years old and that they obviously get alot of work, they are in fantastic condition












Above - My 35 turning the hay with the PZ haybob












Above  - John the contractors Immaculate Ford 8420 SLE and Welger Baler - His round baling outfit 












Above - The PZ CM165 two drum rotor mower that i have purchased  

24th June 2008 - New Addition - I sold my petrol/tvo 35 a few weeks ago to a gentleman from wales, and i have just brought this diesel 3 cylinder 35. It originally belonged to a good friend of my grandfathers called George Hill, but after his death ten years ago it fell to his nephew who i have purchased it off.












Going by the serial number SNF 187716 it is an early 3 cylinder Perkins example from 1960, it has a reg number on the bonnet of 307 5RF, the last time it was taxed was 1985 so i am hoping to get it reregistered with the dvla with the same reg number.

It hadnt ran for over two years when we picked it up, we checked all around it and put some air in the flat front tyres, checked for oil and water and that it had some brakes and then towed it out onto the lane and gave it a snatch with the chain behind the 20 and it fired up. Dust, smoke,cobwebs and bird shit flew everywhere but she started to run like a dream, I drove it back a few miles home.












Saturday 7th June 2008 -

Below are a few pictures i took at a local steamfair in Catton Park which we went to on some of our tractors

There was a good turn out of old tractors,cars,motorbikes,steam engines and other machinery, it was a really good day out.













31st May 08 - Nige's Dexta !  












This is my uncle Nige's and Matts Fordson Dexta which they have been working on and is now almost finished. Its ready for some shows and serious work 

17th May 08 -  A few pictures from today, we had two good sized trailer loads of mixed timber, mainly ash and oak from a local woods where a friend of ours and his team are felling and replanting.They had their big Komatsu tracked machine in and cleared a path into the back of woods,luckily it was dry aswell so we could get all the way in with both tractors and trailers,we loaded the Fergie trailer with the help of the david brown, i cut the felled timber into around 12foot lengths and we used a chain around the david brown loaded to lift the heavy pieces onto the trailer. We came back with around 8-9 tonne between us, it made the Fergie sweat coming out of the woods but we came home with ease. So now with what we have already got and these two loads we have alot of timber to get cut up into logs

                                                                                       Toby always likes to have his picture taken












Above - My dad on the db with one of the many piles of felled timber - some nice pieces in there

13th April 08 - We want to change the wheels on the db and fit radial tyres for better grip. After speaking to several people on the David Brown forums i was unsure as to whether we really needed 32" rear wheels or 28"s. Some mentioned 32's looked good, and gave a good top speed, whilst others said 28's are fine and that the tractor would sit level. I had some chain harrowing and rolling to do so i thought i would put the 28's off my 35 onto the db, so that we could see for ourselves what 28's would look like on our tractor and also i thought the radial tyres would give me more grip for the jobs i needed to complete.

Above - A rear view of our db with the 24's and grass tyres - makes the tractor wide and i think it looks very ugly

Above - Our db with the rear wheels fitted off my Massey Ferguson 35, the wheels are the same fitment - Looks alot better, as you will see from the next picture though, the 28's are still not big enough, there is a good 6" gap between the top of the tyre and the mudguard, also tractor is still sitting back very slightly. So we definantly need 32's for it to look right. So my hunt for a pair of suitable 32's goes on !

Above - 28's not big enough - 32's needed

I spent around 4 hours on thursday doing some more chain harrowing and rolling on the db, the ground had dried up enough to do some harrowing without wrecking the fields,i finished what harrowing i could do and then moved onto the rolling, i will need to do it a few more times though because it had little effect, the big rutts their heavy horses make in the fields dont help.

Spent a few hours saturday sawing logs with the db and Mc Connel bench, we managed to get two good piles of ash cut into logs and tidied up. The sawblade is losing its edge again and will need the file putting over it before we use it again.

The 20-30 hours of harrowing and rolling i have done over the last few weeks seems to have done the David Brown the world of good, it seems to run much better, and looks to be finding powering the sawbench easier than ever.


Above - Still with our massey wheels fiitted, our db powering our sawbench. I like the look of the grey wheels, i think it breaks up the white.


Above - The Beast ! - It looks like its ready for tractor pulling now its got our db wheels fitted to it


8th April 08 - Db rear wheels as rare as hens teeth?? - I have been looking for quite a while now for a pair of rear wheels for our David Brown, its currently running on a set of 24" wheels with wide goodyear grass tyres. We want to change this for a pair of 30s or the original supplied 32s. Reason being the grass tyres do what they were designed for, but are not suitable for what we want and also if we fit a pair of taller rear wheels the tractor should sit correctly instead of sloping backwards, and give us the extra grip we need on fields etc. Now i have been looking on ebay, rang all the suppliers in the tractor mags, checked out all the fourthcoming farm sales and forums, but  i cant find a pair anywhere, new or used. Can anyone help us?? would probably prefer a set of 32s because i believe our front tyres are taller than normal so 32s would sit better on the rear. So if anyone has any, or knows where there is a pair of 8 stud db fitment rear wheels they want sell please get in touch. Thanks.

5th April 08 - It has been another busy week, there has been lots more rain, so no chance of any further harrowing or rollling just yet, lets hope it becomes drier this next week. The 35 hasnt been used for a week so that was given a run to recharge the battery. We have had our spare blade for our Mc Connel sawbench reground, sharpened and set applied to the blade, a company called East Mids Saw And Tool in Long Eaton near Nottingham did it for us, i can highly reccomend them, blade is two half foot diameter with over 60 teeth, teeth were badly worn down so alot of regrounding was needed, its all been done on a machine, so the teeth are razor sharp and they have, as requested put alot of set on the blade so after fitting it, it now rips through timber with ease where as the old blade even after sharpening by hand was becoming hard work to use. I took the blade to them, and an hour and a half later it was done and they only charged £19 which included express service, i thought that was very good. They can sharpen any type of cutting disc, band saw blade etc.

Their website -http://www.emst.co.uk/ 

Our tractor mag feature has finally been published, we have a 4 page feature in this months (May 08) Old Tractor Magazine, a few of the words and paragraphs have been changed, i suppose that has to be expected but we are all very pleased with it, and its nice to think that all the pictures i have taken over the last 12 months look so good in the mag. A big thankyou to Gina Harvey who came and met us and created the feature and writeup. Thankyou Gina 


































Spent most of today (Saturday) sawing logs with the David Brown, we had a big pile of ash which we wanted to get cut up into logs, Nige cut the big pieces up with a chainsaw, and me and dad swapped between a chainsaw and the sawbench. In the afternoon we took a trip to a friends woods and came back with the red trailer full of timber, weve got to get it cut into logs now. We suffered hail stones and rain, and got absolutely soaked but ended up with another 5 tonne load of timber.

31st March 08 - We have been extremely busy over the last couple of months, i havnt had the chance to to write and update the website untill now. I have moved our tractor activities diary to the main page here, it should encourage me to write down more often what we have been up and make the site more interesting. We have spent the last three satudays carting timber and cutting logs with the David Brown. We are trying to get a good stockpile of logs built up for winter, but with the recent cold weather we havnt been able to hold onto them for long. Ive also spent around 15 hours at the start of last week, doing some chain harrowing and rolling for my girlfriend and her family, we have shut off around 8 of their fields for hay this summer, so i have been out on the db getting the fields in shape. I started off with the chain harrows, there a trailed set you pull from the drawbar which have heavy weights hanging off them to keep them in the ground, the weights were originally tied on with baling twine, but after an hours  use i started to lose the weights because the twine snapped, so i swapped to a thin rope, it was better but still not ideal so i took off the weights and wrapped a long length of chain around the end of the harrows, result!! no more lost weights and it made a better job, dug in more and spread the muck around better. I then went onto some rolling, its a water filled set of rollers, no concrete here.

They are quite heavy, a few of the hill fields are quite steep in places and i thought the db with grass tyres would struggle to get up the banks, but she proved me wrong, i went up the banks with ease and had the rolling done on three of the fields in no time.i still have loads left to do, but the heavy rain over the last few days has made it impossible to get in the fields and im going to end up doing more harm than good if i try harrowing again just yet.

22nd Mar 08 - Weve had a trailer full of felled timber from a local woods which a lumberjack friend had been felling and replanting. We took the db and the red trailer about 6 miles to the site. I took the saws and tools in my pickup. There was a mixture of ash,birch and pine, we cut some of the larger lengths into smaller pieces and loaded them into the trailer, was a really cold day and we were sawing in the heavy snow at one point then glorious sunshine ten minutes later. There was alot of timber, enough probably for another load, we loaded the trailer about a foot higher than the sides, i suppose around 4-5 tonne, i loaded some long lengths of pine into the back of my truck aswell. I initially followed my dad back, i sat beind him doing 15 mph in my truck and the db and trailer was pulling away from me very slightly, i thought that was quite good for a tractor over 40 years old pulling that kind of weight. After ten minutes i had a turn driving, despite the bouncing of the tractor because of the weight, i shot up the banks with ease in top gear and it didnt trouble the old girl one bit. Just need to get cracking and get all the this timber cut up into logs.

23rd Jan 08 - Our Salop 6 tonne trailer has returned from having a new metal body fitted, we have the wheels to paint Fergie grey and the hydraulic brakes to sort out, both the hoses for the tipping ram and brakes are perished although it will tip empty, they will probably split and leak if the trailer was full so we have got to remove them and get two new hoses the same length and thickness.













Above - The trailer before












Above - The trailer after - with its new metal body painted in MF red 


2nd Jan 2008 - Happy New year ! I have just had a look to see the visitors to our site for the last month, its really nice to see lots of people from all over the world are viewing our site, and it makes updating and adding to this website very worthwhile. Thankyou.












24th December 2007 - Right deep breath, my cousins fiance's (the one who made our transport box) dad has just purchased a lovely Nuffield 4-60 in off farm condition, we went to see it and it is very nice, i think the plan is to restore it and then he will be coming on road runs and attending shows with us in the new year, Im looking forward to it. The pic below shows my dad just looking over the hydraulics












21st December 2007- The Salop trailer is off for a new body! - Our Salop trailer with the rotted body is going off first thing in the new year to Chris Bull farm services @ Burnley in Lancashire. He advertises in the Tractor and Machinery mag, he fabricates trailer bodies, churn carriers, transport boxes for a living, he has made a batch of churn carriers to the original spec which are being sold at Patricks @ Fergiland, ive seen them and they have been very well made and very well painted.Back to the trailer, we have decided on a new metal body, 12' long 7' wide and with sides 3' high instead of the original 4' sides, reason being 3' will be high enough especially if we are throwing in large slabs of wood by hand.Its going to have a hinged rear that will open when tipped and is going to be painted Massey Ferguson red to match my 35 which will be pulling it most of the time. We need to sort out the hydraulic brakes on it because when loaded my 35 will have fun stopping it without the trailer brakes.

22nd November -  Last weekend we had a visit from a lovely lady called Gina Harvey who is a writer for amongst others, Tractor and Machinery and Ford and Fordson. We are going to have a feature in an upcoming issue of Tractor and Machinery about our tractor collection and implements.The weather was cold and it wasnt the best conditions to take photos, it took us a while to get everything together and organised but Gina did a really good job, so im hoping the pictures and article turn out ok, and im really looking forward to seeing our tractors in the mag! Thanks Gina. 













24th May 2007 -  I have purchased a Salop 6 tonne single axle tipping trailer to use behind one of our tractors, which is need of a complete new body. Were not sure wheather to replace with metal due to the cost or replace with wood like our other trailer. I first need to speak to several trailer and fabrication companies to see what our options are because we could possibly have another metal body made with lower sides or one made with corner posts instead of the ribs coming up from the centre of the body. We have to be careful, as alot of you realise when your restoring any item , that if you go mad you can quite easily end up spending more money than it would cost to buy something already done. I'll keep you posted.












8th May 2007 - My dad emptied the muck trailer from my girlfriends family's stables on the Fergie, their international which normally does the job was not running properly so it gave him the perfect excuse to try and pull about 4-5 tonnes behind the Fergie, all went well and it tipped without any trouble.

They have also just had there first of hopefully about ten Percheron foals born the other day. This is a little black colt called Thunder and is absolutely gorgeous

Wishful Thinking - Dad also tried to lift a friends bale trailer stacked up with 11 large bales, weighing about 10 -11 tonnes, he tried to lift it out of interest but the Fergie just whined and the lift arms wouldnt pick it up! Asking abit too much i think !












29th April 2007 - We have been really busy the last four weeks,we have been doing a spot of chain harrowing and rolling, been out logging with the Mc connel bench and we have practically finished the tipping trailer which we have been working on. Ive just started over the last week stripping down the Ferguson cordwood saw, the idea is to check over the bearings and the shaft for wear and tear, strip it down to bare metal and prime and repaint and also change the softwood on the table for two peices of keralin and to fit new bolts and springs to the table.













Above - This is what it looked like after we cut the original rotten body off, metal trailers soon rot when left to face the elements 

Above - This is how the trailer looks now - We are really pleased with it and thankfully we have saved it from the scrapman! 


28th March 2007 - Fergie to the rescue ! - I took my grans dog Toby a good long walk today and ended up helping a friend called Gail who had got their 4 wheel drive international and trailer stuck in  a field. I went back to get a Fergie and dads was in the front of the garage so i took that. 10 minutes down the lane and i was there, i manoeuvred across the field taking care to keep out of the large ruts caused by the big tractor and not helped by the fact this particular field is on a flood plain. I stayed on the hard ground and we connected up the fergie to the loader on the international using a big chain. 1st gear on the fergie and a few revs and all four wheels turning on the international and we managed to pull it free. Speaking to gail afterwards about spreading some muck over the fields that they have shut off for hay later in the year, she told me they have a good spreader that has not been used for a number of years. Ive been to look at it and other than alot of mud thats collected in the bottom of it, its look to be ok, i said i would help her this weekend coming, we will get all the mud out the bottom and connect up to the Fergie and see if the Shaft will turn. Im quite interested to see if the Fergie will operate a muck spreader, I cant recall seeing one before.

24th March 2007 - Busy day today! Carted about two tonnes of well rotted manure behind dads fergie , to go on the garden, shoveled it off by hand.

Cleared a stretch of river out where a load of trees had fallen down in the storms, we took Sids tractor to pull the large trunks out of the river and up the bank with a chain, and the transport box behind dads fergie,we ended up with three loads.













Above - 2-3 tonnes of well rotted manure for the vegetable garden












Above - A few fallen braches from a famer friends oak tree


23rd March 2007 - More work on the trailer today,fitted two new stainless bolts where the trailer tips from, four new axle bolts fitted, got the wheels back from the shotblasters and fiitted new tyres to them and painted them.Everything is done on it now other than the body. 












Above - This is what it looked like after we cut the original rotten body off












Above - This is how it looks at the present, just missing a new body. The color match with dads Fergie is spot on, so were really pleased.



17th March 2007 - Not much Fergie action today. Took the axle off the trailer, cleaned the brake drums and brake shoes,greased the bearings, took the angle grinder to the four corner posts because they were rotted and will be replaced. Were still not sure what to do with the trailer, whether to board it out with wood or metal. Can anyone recommend what type of wood would be best suited to boarding out the trailer and for making some side and headboards. The drawbar on the back of dads Fergie has been sitting in primer for ages so i painted that today, it looks a lot better and should of been done ages ago.


14th March 2007 - We have a three tonne tipping trailer which had a completely rotten body, so the plan is to put a complete new floor, headboard and sideboards on it, ready for when we got off logging again.

We cut the old rotten floor and sideboards off and had it shotblasted and sprayed with primer a few months ago, but have not got around to doing anymore to it, so today i have given it a few coats of Fergie grey to hopefully match the color of my dads 20 before we get to work on a new body for it.












Above - This is the trailer just after we cut the floor and sides off it, it had been standing in a field for years with about two tonne of muck sat on it 












Above - Back from being shot blasted and given a coat of grey primerS